What if religion wasn't such an intrusive, powerful and malicious organized system; interwoven through the fabric of our society? What if it didn't have the insidious influence on the masses that it does? What if it didn't control so much of the politics, economics, resources, military and media around the world? 
What if it were simply small local groups of believers who enjoyed getting together to chant and pray and do their thang in private? 
If religion wasn't the organized-behemoth-monster it has become, could we non-believers ignore it? What if it still existed all across America, but only in small groups no bigger than a neighborhood bowling league? Would we still rage against them for their foolish beliefs? Or would we all just go about our own business and let the weirdos enjoy themselves? 
What is it we are rebelling against, the cause or the effect-- or both? 

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Regarding the religio-industrial complex, there seems to be an inevitability to it, at least in the past. Smaller churches seem to be having problems staying alive, and that leaves megachurches. Those will remain for many decades, I think. 

But if it was as you describe, I don't think it would stay that way. Belief structures will coalesce in order to not be marginalized. They hate marginalization more than anything.

Whenever I read about this stuff it makes me want to visit Finland or one of the other Atheist-predominant societies. I would be interested to see how they keep that way.

If religion were to not be the "behemoth-monster" described, well then it wouldn't be religion.

It's important to consider how many people how many people allow their beliefs to dictate their way of life. So if indeed religion were to only be practiced within a small group of people, it would with time inevitably spread. Those people who believe will attempt to live life in accordance to their belief and will most likely teach their children & grandchildren to do the same. And so as they reproduce more & more the shades of religion in this hypothetical village would transfer to the surrounding areas & to others in them. Affecting the way of life of more than just a village.
However, if the people who believe were to only be contained within their village & have no say in the rest of society's issues, politics etc. I think we could all attempt to look the other way.
There are the blind & then there are the ones who can see & choose not to.


If its rendered benign like a bowling club or knitting group then that would be great. No problem.


It would still be a delusion , so that wouldn't change .

Sounds like the answer to all your pondering is simple. 


That's what it would look like!



The Refrigerator ...

Hell In Ice ...

Thats what god did to them for not believing.

and then he gave them alcohol to keep warm 


Do you spend a lot of time trying to debunk flat-earthers? Or followers of the Harmonic Time Cube? Joining websites where like-minded people can rail against belief in Santa Claus and other fairies?

Christians often ask the same question, but upside down: Why would anybody be an atheist if there isn't really a god? Why would you care at all if anyone believes in god, unless you really believe in him and are following Satan instead? And of course it's because of all those harmful things that affect everybody. I don't see that it would be a big deal otherwise.

What the Christians don't understand is that Satan is a creation of their god.  Presumably this all knowing and all powerful god knew what the angel who eventually became Satan was going to do.  So what was he thinking?  All so-called evil on the earth came from the so-called creator of the earth.  Case closed. 


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