• Does this collaborate the Noahaic Account of History?

  • Where did the orginal inhabitants go if they disappeared from the gene pool?


WASHINGTON (AFP) – Two distinct groups from Asia settled in the New World and not one single migration as suggested by previous genetic studies, experts said Monday after comparing the skulls of early Americans.

Paleoanthropologists from Brazil, Chile and Germany compared the skulls of several dozen Paleoamericans, dating back to the early days of migration 11,000 years ago, with the more recent remains of more than 300 Amerindians.

"We found that the differences between Early and Late Native American groups match the predictions of a two-migration scenario far better than they do those of any other hypothesis," they said.

"In other words, these differences are so large that it is highly improbable that the earliest inhabitants of the New World were the direct ancestors of recent Native American populations."

Their landmark research found differences in the cranial morphology that could only be explained by the fact that the last common ancestor of the Early and Late Native American groups came from outside the continent.

The experts agreed the differences were best explained by a scenario in which a first wave of settlers came across the Bering Strait from Northeast Asia followed by a second group from East Asia much later via the same route.

"We conclude that the morphological diversity documented through time in the New World is best accounted for by a model postulating two waves of human expansion into the continent originating in East Asia and entering through Beringia," they said.

"This disparity between our results and those of most genetic studies points to a large gap in our understanding of the peopling of the New World."

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Well, I would think that is unrelated. But it does pose a mystery.
No, Doone. Come on. It's clearly proof that there are aliens on the moon.
Several Apollo astronauts are convinced. It's common knowledge that NASA does not allow those

in active service to talk about "bogies". This was the Code word for UFOs seen during the Apollo mission in the proximity of the Lunar surface. However, I don't believe they are aliens.
I assume the two questions were written by you, Michael. My answers would be:

1) How would it do that?
2) They died out without a trace seems to be the most likely scenario.
To answer your first question

There are faith based explanations for the global extinction of Humanity.

one proposition is a global flood, collaborating the Noahaic account or the Epic of Gilgamesh.

A second proposition is that Genesis began subsequent to the annihilation of the various species of man contemporary with the megafuana including Cro-magnon, Neanderthal, Hobbit man, and Homo-Erectus of Australia. All of whom lived contemporarily as late as around 20000 b.c. and all of whom disappeared with the megafuana. The conjecture is that the world of the Megafuana belong to a pre-existing Genesis that was brought to an end.
Faith based explanations is an oxymoron. You either take it on faith, or you find an explanation. What you've written here is an attempt to shoehorn Genesis where it has no business being.
If Faith has no real world mooring then throw it out with all "Outer limits" episodes.
Well you seem to have posted this twice so I'll just post my response here because there are more responses here.

This is hardly new information, and no it doesn't confirm Noah and the flood. If a worldwide flood really occurred we would expect to see certain types of geologic evidence. Evidence that we do not see.

In fact, wouldn't the fact that both groups shared a common ancestor in Asia disprove your assertion of a world wide flood. I thought every human except Noah and his family were wiped out. How does another group from Asia migrate into North America after everyone on the planet is killed?

So where did one group disappear to. Well, the population either died out (A flood isn't the only way populations can die) or the two populations had offspring together and genetic drift may have played a role in the disappearance of the second population. See picture below for example. All of these examples are more likely and have more evidence then a world wide flood like the one described in the Bible.

MtDNA evidence is not conclusive. The complete Haploid Genome can only bear witness.

Maybe you can shed some light on the evidence you are referencing.
Foil For Sale! Make your hats! It's Stylish, and it keeps "them" from stealing our thoughts!

ABBA Agrees!

Nowhere in there did I read that there was a huge flood killing off the first group of peoples from Asia before the second showed up.

Secondly, like Dan said, if everyone was killed the first time 'round except for those on Noah's Fantastical Magic Ark, where did round two come from?

Thirdly, where's my foil hat?
That's all based on the premise of a common ancestor of which I have countered questioning the reliability of MtDNA as the sole evidence where in fact only the complete Haploid genome is reliable.


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