Has anyone been to any events lately? Skepticon? Unholy Trinity Tour? A debate? Anyone? Bueller? 

I just wanted to know what it was like because I want to attend one of these events in the future. 

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Never heard of them but sounds fun!!! ROADTRIP!!! lol

A field trip to the creationist museum would be fun too. Afterwards, we could have a good laugh in the parking lot after we get kicked out. 

I have been to a few. I attended the Atheist World Convention in 2011, a Dan Dennett lecture, a few by Dawkins and recently I have been to Dawkins and Krauss. Just this week talks by Aron Ra and his wife Lilandra.

That's great. I wish I could've been to an Unholy Trinity event this year. I like Aron Ra & Matt Dillahunty. I always learn something new from their lectures. 


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