Skepchick's huge controversy over late night proposition.

In case you are not currently aware, Skepchick Rebecca Watson attended some conference recently and, when she finally went to bed after talking for hours, found herself in an elevator with a strange man who asked her if she would like to go to his room for coffee to talk some more. In her recent video she said "Guys: dont do this...".


The problem is she is not really clear what the problem is. Some people are saying all men are evil rapists. Some people are saying she is over reacting to what was an innocent proposition. Having read a few of other peoples comments I believe the main problem was that she was trapped in an enclosed space with a strange man who just propositioned her and she declined. So the proposition itself was not bad(personally I would consider it flattering), but the timing and location of the proposition put her in uncomfortable situation. I think if he had asked her the same question in a more open space, she would of felt more secure that her answer would be heeded. Like if he asked her the same question just as she got off the elevator rather than when they were alone in the elevator, it would of not been such a big deal because if she says no: the doors close and they both go on their merry way.


What do other people think? all men are evil-psycho-rapists? she over reacted? what this guy did is totally fine?

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I have read various comments on various sites about this and have often felt that the tone and context of many of the comments by feminist female atheists makes me wonder if I really am a feminist female atheist myself, for I am finding nothing in common with most of them. I have always considered myself as one, but now, I do wonder.


This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I don't see anything  horrible in what Dawkins said or in what "elevator guy" did, nor do I think all men who disagree with Ms. Watson need to be labelled "insensitive", "rapists", "evil", "supporters of the rape culture", and so on. Watson certainly had a right to ask men not to approach her in a particular place or at a particular time of night, but she does not speak for all women.

It really depends on the definition of feminist...Personally I believe in equality... Some feminists also believe in equality. Some feminists genuinely believe women are better than men.

We are.

Haha, there's no doubt in my mind that the world would be a better place if there were significantly more women than men!

Those are my thoughts exactly. I think she's guilty of taking her standard for how men should behave towards her and deciding that it's a general standard that all men should just automatically know.


I spent a good portion of my life thinking that all these feminists and their standards for my behavior were what I should be following. I ended up suppressing my sexuality in a major way. Everybody has some behavior they don't like when it comes to being approached sexually, and much of the time they decide that somehow it's morally wrong (or anti-feminist) for anybody to approach them in that way.


I think the only rigorous standard anybody has a right to expect is consent to physical contact, and the ability for someone to take "no" for an answer without being noticeably angry or upset. Men and women both are guilty of seeing the other as a sexual object, and this will continue as long as there is sex.


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