Skepchick's huge controversy over late night proposition.

In case you are not currently aware, Skepchick Rebecca Watson attended some conference recently and, when she finally went to bed after talking for hours, found herself in an elevator with a strange man who asked her if she would like to go to his room for coffee to talk some more. In her recent video she said "Guys: dont do this...".


The problem is she is not really clear what the problem is. Some people are saying all men are evil rapists. Some people are saying she is over reacting to what was an innocent proposition. Having read a few of other peoples comments I believe the main problem was that she was trapped in an enclosed space with a strange man who just propositioned her and she declined. So the proposition itself was not bad(personally I would consider it flattering), but the timing and location of the proposition put her in uncomfortable situation. I think if he had asked her the same question in a more open space, she would of felt more secure that her answer would be heeded. Like if he asked her the same question just as she got off the elevator rather than when they were alone in the elevator, it would of not been such a big deal because if she says no: the doors close and they both go on their merry way.


What do other people think? all men are evil-psycho-rapists? she over reacted? what this guy did is totally fine?

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It's sounds very strange to me because he is actually talking about her and not directly to her especially since his reply was to her.


That's like having a conversation with someone about a third person and that person is standing right there. It's just seemed kind of odd. That's all.


Maybe he clicked on the wrong reply button and actually meant to reply to you about Usually Scarlett.

Oh, I see your point now. I wasn't reading his reply as a response to UsuallyScarlett. Should of been second person I think.
Edit: on second t

hmmm....the editor seems to be eating my edit for some it is again:

Edit: on second thought, I think it is actually a reply to my post.... its hard to tell with such long posts, lol.

The editor seems to be eating my edit for some reason


What browser are you using? I know the editor doesn't play friendly with all browsers.

I have had a couple beers , I have no clue who I responded too , nor do I care right now :)  


Main point being , these 'skepchicks' think they are speaking for women in general , or else they wouldn't be using the name 'skepchick' , no? 


Like I said , I wish to start a new blog titled 'Skepdick' and call females out for what they do a lot that offends guys.  Like automatically assuming they want to get into your pants when they hold doors open for you or ask if you're 'ok' when they see you panicking outside in the street at night 

hehe, or something like that? Might be useful if it actually focuses on equal rights rather than just men's rights or women's rights. Probably won't be received well if it is solely for ranting about woman lol.


For the record: I wish women would doors open for me for the sole purpose of getting into my pants...would be very flattering.


Also: a couple of beers?!?! it's not even lunch time here yet :P

I have had a couple beers , I have no clue who I responded too , nor do I care right now :)


Okay, well, that explains your replies in general.


Main point being , these 'skepchicks' think they are speaking for women in general , or else they wouldn't be using the name 'skepchick' , no?


No. They don't claim to be speaking for all women.

I never said I DON'T hold doors open for women to get a close look at their backside , but ALL women?  No , not all of them.  Sometimes I'm just being polite.  


I agree , I would love it if women held doors open for me to get into my pants.  Maybe in a 100 years , that might change.... 

Over reaction from everyone. I didn't see her original video but read the account on PZ Myers blog post. On that, Dawkins over reacted & made a meal of it with a pretty sarcastic comment which was uncalled for. And then this whole incident took a life of its own with Jen McCreight berating Dawkins on her blog.

This incident got way more hits than it should've have.

Nice job of reducing the tons of nuanced debate on the issue to two black & white positions. Evil rapists, or overreaction? We report, you decide! Straw man much?

Evil rapists, or overreaction?

Is that what I said? NO! here is what I said:

What do other people think? all men are evil-psycho-rapists? she over reacted? what this guy did is totally fine?

The main question was what do other people think? the other three questions are examples of what other people have been saying in the comments of other blogs and youtube, posted as questions here to provoke a discussion.

I didn't see anyone claiming all men are evil rapists. This girl simply pointed out her personal discomfort with a particular behavior and asked if guys would please not do that to her. "Guys, don't do that... this makes me incredibly uncomfortable..." If anyone thinks that is an overreaction, they certainly don't ever want to see mine.


I agree it was probably not the proposition itself but the timing and location. If I were in a foreign country chatting with acquaintances in a hotel bar after giving a talk on sexual objectification of females, and I excused myself at 4am clearly stating I was exhausted and going to bed only to have a foreign stranger follow me into an elevator and proposition me, I'd be uncomfortable as well.


Your wording could have been much better, as Artor pointed out. Using phrases like "Some people are saying all men are evil rapists, what do you think?" is not the way to start a rational discussion. It reads like a headline from Fox news.




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