Silver lining making you no longer see the cloud

Funny thing happened to me today (not that funny, but I have to start somewhere).

I had bought some comic books and was cycling home when the bag fell from my bike (stupid weakened binders), spilling my comic books all over the road.

Naturally, I was pretty angry. But then I noticed that about 10 feet ahead of me the road was littered with horse droppings. And immediately my anger was gone and replaced with relief that the bag hadn't dropped two or three seconds later.

But it got me thinking. Did I have bad luck (comic books falling), or good luck (the comic books didn't fall in the horse droppings)?

I have the feeling that something like this happens very often; something bad happens to people, but then they see that it could have been much worse, and they are glad that it didn't turn worse.

So far, so good. But then people start claiming that they were 'protected' from more harm happening, and somehow their god did a great job because he/she didn't completely fail.

When something like this happened, I have pointed out to people that a bad thing still happened to them, but they shrug it off, since it is now somehow minor to what could have happened.

Anyone had a similar experience, or an advice to deal with people like that?

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Of course, it must be God. He's keeping his hands so full making sure none of your comic books don't fall into horse dung, that whoops! he forgot to make sure that the poor kid in Africa didn't die. You should feel good knowing that he cares more about your comics than starving children.

That's how I usually reply to that sort of crap.

I'd like to say it like that, but that would mainly be to my friends and family. And I tend to feel rather uncomfortable being aggressive about religion to them.

Also, when someone is ill, but thankful to God that it isn't worse, I usually don't have the heart to tell them off, it feels like kicking a puppy.

But I do agree that when people try to force that silver lining onto me, I won't hold back.


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