Should we stop pursuing scientific investitations while we still can?

Any major discovery almost instantly gets turned into a whole new and more deadly generation of weapons. Aren't weapons scary enough as it is?

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Aren't weapons scary enough as it is?


Oh, maybe "we" could shut down science "here."

How could we force "them" to shut down science "there?"

Plus...what would you shut down?  ALL of it?  You never know what branch of science would be where the next tech innovation comes from, because by definition you don't know what it is you are going to learn from a line of investigation.


Or just petition the illuminati?

I think if humans are going to wipe themselves out through warfare, or at least cause significant damage to the populations, then I think it's an inevitability. Halting scientific progress will do nothing but postpone or prolong inevitable destruction. If you can imagine it, it can probably happen and potentially will happen.

Look at our environmental problems. 

ALL of them are traceable to advances in science and technology. Normally, I don't like making sweeping generalizations like that, but can anyone think of an environmental disaster that isn't due to scientific advancements?

Acts of God.

Typical atheist: blame God.

Climate change. NOT due to science or technology, but rather to man's increasingly sinful behavior, no doubt. Transgender bathrooms...the last straw.

San Francisco earthquake. Cyclone Tracy. Hurricane Irene. Tsunami Indonesia. Krakatoa volcano. Unpronounceable Iceland volcano ash cloud. Etc...

Okay, I meant the persistent, ongoing, preventable disasters obviously.


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