Patriotism strikes me as being on an equal footing with God in terms of irrational thinking. And, of course, they are tightly intertwined in the American Right. 


An on-line friend sent me this (for strong stomaches only). How should I reply? She's a nice lady.

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Drivers license. Rest can be hooked up through the computer system automatically. A simple license.

Sassan which license the enhanced license so you can be tracked easier?

It's really too bad your so fearful.

I never seen so many bigots on one site. For people that seem to so well written, you guys are IGNORANT!

If I wanted see this kind of garbage talk I could just watch Faux news.

as far as i can tell there's only one bigot in this whole thread
I second that motion.
Sure, anyone who is not stuck in your ideology. Being bigoted against western culture and the "white man" is A-OK in your books. Blame whitey for everything..

Sassan the history of Western culture is the history of white men. If your going to tell me that the Western culture has not committed any atrocities then you are not rational on this subject.

You are the Evangelical Patriot.

I'd ask the dead Afghans and dead Iraqis killed by U.S. violence if they would prefer living under the admittedly brutal Taliban or Saddam or their current state--DEAD!


I'm inclined to think most would prefer to be alive under the brutality,but, of course, I sympathize with those murdered by the U.S.  I don't spike the football, and I don't cheer USA! USA! just because a Muslim happens tobe the one murdered.

Your a sick person. More Afghans and Iraqis would be dying per year if still under the control of the Taliban or Saddam Hussein through various means; now they have an opportunity for their future. You are just a despicable human being to claim it would be better to leave the Taliban to control and subjugate Afghan women and the Afghan people.

Is the Taliban made up of the Afghans or some other people?

I know you don't believe in Islam but are the people of this part of world free to believe in Islam or is part of your world view they need to be freed from Islam no matter how we free them? 

So when a Iraqi or Afghan women has a deformed child caused by the tons of DU rounds we have pumped into their countries do they say "thank Allah it wasn't the Taliban using these rounds but coalition troops."?





Your a sick person....You are just a despicable human being


Another logical, rational, well-thought-out, well-researched submission, Sassan. Oh, wait, sarcasm is not a great idea here.


I was going to start a group called, "Politics". Instead perhaps all discussions leaning in any way toward politics should be banned. Submissions such as this demonstrate too poignantly that the rationality espoused on this site is not always carried into political discussions.


Perhaps it's time to declare that this thread is producing few useful exchanges.


I don't understand nationalism or patriotism. You should be proud of things you accomplish, not things that your country accomplished.


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