Patriotism strikes me as being on an equal footing with God in terms of irrational thinking. And, of course, they are tightly intertwined in the American Right. 


An on-line friend sent me this (for strong stomaches only). How should I reply? She's a nice lady.

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So...G.I. Joe is a bit of a Freudian journey?
This must have been a joke to rile me up because otherwise I don't see how someone with rationality and common decency can state that the brutal barbaric Taliban were good for the Afghani people or supported by the Afghani people. We are assisting them to liberate themselves of this venom.
Funny. Many Afghans would say they preferred Taliban rule to "American liberation". Most would prefer that both got the fuck out.

I know Afghans - several of them - a good friend of mine is Afghan (haven't seen him in a while) but I haven't heard a single Afghan say that they preferred Taliban rule. That is preposterous and insulting to even state such venom. Come on Reggie, you're better than that. You have the first name of my hero growing up. That was wrong on all levels Reg.

Oh-yeah, my ex-gf was Afghan who I went out with for nearly 2-years. Not a single Afghan I ever came up to said such a thing. They were only scared we would neglect them again like we did after the Soviet war. That was their main concern..

Yes, you're absolutely spot on.

Real Afghans like foreign occupations, Kill teams, bombs on weddings and schools. They love it, because real Afghans are secular.

The Taliban consists of fake Afghans. They're really closet Arabs. They're takfiri's being hired by Ahmadinejad.

Also RAWA are really a foreign terrorist organization.

Crap, it makes so much more sense now!
Careful of the irony, guys. We know he doesn't deal with it well. English is not his first language and he's likely to think he's made a couple of converts.
Again, another racist jab. Racists unite.
All the simpleminded individuals use the same lame tactics.

Albert, did I ever state Afghans are not real Muslims? But the Taliban were so barbaric and cruel that life under the Taliban was basically next to hell (if there was such a thing). You think the current government in Afghanistan is "secular"?? Hell no. The Islamic Republic looks like a bunch of atheists in comparison to them. Saying this, the Afghan people suffered so much under the Taliban and to say that Afghans support them is certainly disingenuous because I know you are intelligent and there is no way you can believe that. At least young Afghan girls are now going to school and getting an education and Afghanis have a glimmer of hope for their future. How low can we go to try to say that the Afghani people were either one of two things: 1) Better off under the Taliban, 2) Prefer the Taliban.

For anyone to make that claim (especially from someone like you) is disingenuous and I do not believe for a second that you actually believe that nonsense.

There are plenty of interviews and documentaries with Afghans expressing how things were better with the Taliban.  Were all things?  No.  But the Taliban left them alone as long as they obeyed their version of Sharia Law.  Sure beats house to house searches,  family dead from stray bombs or for being suspected of working with Americans, etc..


And I am sure Afghans are scared that we will neglect them again.  Many women continue to wear burqas so they won't be punished if the Taliban come back.  This is a valid fear as your beloved West has a long track record of such a thing.



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