Should the wealthier members of society be forced to pay through taxation, for the poorer members? If so, how much?

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if we're talking per capita it's listed as 8 via world rankings.
Without the poorer members toiling as they do, there would be no foundation for a (relatively) select few in this country to become as wealthy as they do. If they stop paying taxes, the poor lose what little health care, food, and another financial aids they have that currently keeps their life bearable. It would only be a matter of time before the entire system fell apart if the rich stopped paying taxes. If the wealthy realized this, they might see it in their best interest to pay the taxes they do.

Despite this observation, I think the whole system sucks to begin with.

edit: My view is basically what zipzink said about.
Too complex.
People that pop out babies for the extra welfare check shouldn't be supported. (Or be allowed to have kids)
People that milk fake disabilities, borderline fraud, or lazy asses shouldn't freeload off of anyone, no mater how disgustingly rich they are.
That said, everyone needs a hand once in a while. Tax the hell out of luxury goods and put that money where it's needed. Rich people donate, too. Huge amounts. Not just by taxes, but anyone willing to burn that much money on ridiculous things ought to do a larger portion to help make the world better.
Forced? Not necessarily, ideally people would agree with the policy of taxation and gladly cooperate. In my experience it hardly happens this way. I'd like to think that the way society is structured provides advantage to some and disadvantage to others. I think it is far too callous to pretend that we are anywhere close to a society that is fair and equitable. The solution isn't perfect, never will be, I'd rather have people cheating the system rather than slamming the door shut on all that need help.
Well said.
In a Socialist system you couldn't quit because it equalises all who work, as far as I know the unemployed aren't helped.

I agree with the welfare state. A comfortable standard of living is to me a human right, no matter if you work or not. But those who work should be given a far better standard of living, at the moment the benefit-bums and the minimum wage workers aren't all that far apart in lifestyle, but I'm from the UK maybe it's different in America. The unemployed should be kept in decent conditions, but the implication should be 'hey, look at those people who are working, their life is so much better than yours'. And the wealthy should be taxed more to support that difference.

With benefits I do think there needs to be more policing. Yes, everyone deserves a certain standard of living but that standard should remain the same no matter how many kids you make. Larger families should be given the extra money needed to bring up their kids but not to make the parent's lifestyles better than they were before. And they should be monitored to make sure they are channeling the extra money into the kids.
well, I would like to announce I am legally considered to be in poverty.

my opinions because of this would be biased. rich people should just give their money to me.

but I will be rich one day.

then I will have to give my money to someone who is less fortunate.

I think the system is f'ed. but what are we supposed to do?
redistribute the wealth, kill the rich. It worked in the French revolution.
Ive been knitting and knitting for a year!!!
there's a lot in common to the French Revolution,, Bernie Made-off had a counterpart in a guy named John Law.. Our "let them eat cake" is "they can go to any ER and not be turned down" as in >>public option. Funding stupid wars... a SUPER HUGE divide between the have a lots and the what used to be a middle classes.. anyone see "Capitolism:a love story"? I missed it.. I was out of the country and only one theater ran it for one week here in Tulsa . Wendel Potter said Moore was dead on in his film " SICKO". Now that Potter defected.
No. I grew up poor and managed to get out of it on my own, no handouts needed. People need to be responsible for themselves. Not all people are capable and those who aren't should get help but no one should get money just because they don't have it.
can you ask me this 3 yrs ago?
Everyone should pay, through taxation, for the goods and services that we all share. Just like the system we have now. Do you know of a magical place where the rich pay and the poor do not?


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