Religion, in the Western world, should be taught in schools as it is part of world history but it should not be taught as a fact as I'm sure in some schools it is. I believe Atheism should be taught in schools also and the reasons why people disbelieve which is perfectly simple really. Lack of any credible evidence.

Your thoughts please.

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I think it is important to teach kids religion as history. We need to give children the information they need to make their own decisions in life.

Yes. Teach them religion as history, but don't avoid the part about all the deaths and suffering religion has caused.


But, in a lot of countries they don't even teach the alternative, evolution; so, it will be a long time until religion will be taught just as history.

It is a reason why the Bible is not thought in History classes. It is not facts. I oppose the 'religion education' object, which is being thought in my country in school as a separate subject( like civic education, etc. ).

At history it should be thought what the impact of religion was on the society and things like that, and take all religions as a whole ( not even a true religion ).

Way back in High School- we had a "Comparative Mythology" class- Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Norse, and a few Chinese and SE Pacific mythologies where on the curriculum. Me and a few others also brought up the mythologies that are still called religion. Of course the religious people in class didn't like it- because the one THEY believe is the REAL religion- not like those false ones. That's why nobody believes in them anymore.


Religion needs to be as far from school and children as possible.


If you let one religion in school- you would have to have them ALL in school. Just reading off the names of every one of them would take the whole day. The walls would be covered in various religious posters, beliefs, and commandments. No time to learn anything but fairy tales all day.


Religious Education is an oxymoron.



Great post, Radu. I feel sorry for the kids that still have to go through all that. I remember the priest that taught religion in my class telling me that I'm going to die alone like a stray dog because I was laughing at what he was saying, and I wasn't actually an atheist back then. Others were laughing too, for various reasons - it was a fun and relaxing hour if you forget about all the bullshit that is force-fed to you.

Anyway, I thank Saint Internet for saving my mind, because the school system wouldn't have.


What I would have given to have Saint Internet around when I went through my crisis of faith.

I remember saying the lord's prayer growing up going to a public school in Canada.  But somewhere in my logical thinking brain I didn't believe this invisible god existed.  They finally got rid of prayer in the public schools where I live. I know because I taught in the school system for 38 years.  I remember kids having to go into the hall because they couldn't say the daily prayer, and I wanted to go myself.  It would look kind of weird watching the teacher go out in the hall during prayer.  If I did, I know about 90% of the kids would have just caused some kind of ruckus in the classroom.  LOL !  Go for it! I don't want to mock prayer just because it doesn't have any effect! Yeah, right! Anyway, at university, I took religious studies as a minor, while majoring in Sociology.  It's after taking the religious courses that I really became an out of closet atheist.  So, as the saying goes, if you want to make an atheist, have him/her read and study the bible.
Religion is a part of human history. I think it hould be taught as such. So that in the future people can see and avoid the mistakes of the past.
 I agree with the notion that it should be taught from a historical perspective as part of mythology.


I believe that if you need religion to teach your child morals, there is something wrong with your parenting.

Great Point!

I just picketed with the Phelps family today.

They had a 6 or 8 year old boy out there with them.

Living proof a poor parenting.

I think it is fine to teach religion in schools, so long as it doesn't interfere with any other subject, and you give equal time and weight to every religion that has ever existed.


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