In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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Of course it should be legalised - & regulated & taxed - like everything else, including marijuana & other drugs.
Of course it should be legal.  Though it should be regulated to prevent the sorts of harm that can occur from the activity, such as exploitation of the weak or under-aged, spread of disease, unwanted pregnancies, etc.
I've read everyone's responses and it looks like I'm the only one with a little bit of expertise in the 'field'. I've worked in several gentleman's clubs as an entertainer for about 6 years now. Although I've never ventured into the prostitution realm, I have met plenty of women who do. (Some prostitutes are also dancers but most dancers are not prostitutes.) For the most part, these women just love sex. They take care of themselves and live relatively normal lives. Many times, these women have children. If you were to see them at the park, they'd look like any other housewife. (BTW, you'd be surprised how many swingers are out there.) They are comfortable with who they are and love to get paid and get laid!

With that said, I have met several girls who I felt were 'forced' into the lifestyle: from loosing a good paying job to having a demanding pimps. Oh pimps...These are the most sly, deceiving people I've ever met. They'll be classy in public and then beat their girls in private. One particular pimp has several girls under him that must work 6 days a week, 7pm-4am, must give him 80% of their money. It's just ridiculous. (Dancers have pimps too..which I don't really understand either.)

As far as paying for a drug addiction...Addicts will do anything to supply their addiction and it doesn't necessarily lead one to prostitution. Though I have also
seen women become addicted after starting in the industry, it's mainly been alcoholism.

I think if prostitution was legal, women would not feel the need to have a pimp because the government would become her 'pimp'. It could be regulated with taxes, health checks, and licensing. It seems like an easy way to repay our trillion debt.

In Vegas, you have to go through background checks in order to get your license. This makes sure the entertainer doesn't have any warrants or anything. I don't see why we can't do this with prostitution as well.

Just a note: Stripper is a derogatory word

Excellent common sense post, Scarlette. Pimps are the lowest form of animal life.

Just like any other illegal activity it breeds its own problems simply due to the illegality. Same as drug use ..etc. You saw this during prohibition of alcohol in this country where people who otherwise would be law abiding citizens suffered greatly and became more and more rooted in a criminal world that was manufactured by poor legislation. 


You really cant use its current affects on practitioners of the job as a example of affect on practitioners in an environment where the legality doesn't come into play.

I don't want my wife or daughter exploited by Wal-Mart, either.
What I want is not the standard.  This debate isn't about me or my loved ones.  It is about the freedom allowed to individuals in a society.  In general I think that what consenting adults do in private is no one's business but their own.  There are many social ills associated with prostitution, but most of them arise because of, or are exacerbated by, the fact that it is illegal.
That's horrible reasoning there. People should have the right to do what they want, ESPECIALLY with their own bodies! I have two young daughters and would hope that they do not want to be prositutes but they can if they want, you know why? Cause it's their goddamn right to do what they want! What's to stop them from being strippers, which is legal? I hope to raise them to make better decisions than that but it is not my, or YOUR, right to make it against the law! You sound like a crazy Xtian when you are saying "these are my morals and you should abide by them"! That should NOT be the basis for laws, laws should be there to protect people from doing bad stuff to each other like murdering or stealing, not two people having consensual sex! This has nothing to do with being an atheist and forgetting morals it has EVERYTHING to do with personal freedom which I think is something people like you need to think about before going off on people for saying you should have the right to do what you want if it doesn't hurt other people. All the good points about it being legal are posted by other commenters so I won't go through them all, but keeping it illegal is a WAY worse option! Not only do you alienate the prostitute to the "streets" and bad neighborhoods where they have to hide, you leave them with VERY little to protect themselves! Can't go to the police cause you got raped, beaten or stole from, why? You're a prostitute and they'll bust you and say you were just working. "Prostitution can cause physical danger to include death, as well as scar a woman psychologically", is what you said which is all a result from it BEING illegal! Goddamn just think for a second. Just like drugs being illegal there's no regulation which leads to the spread of disease and more than enough money to make it worth while to force some one into it and keep them there cause they have no one they can legally turn to, to get help. As a women you should be ashamed of yourself! Oh and by the way, if some stranger offered me money for sex and she was hot I couldn't think of a better thing to happen :)

You should legalize drugs and drug dealing, then there wouldn't BE gang activity you see. It would be regulated just like everything else and taxed so no one could make that kind of money of drugs in the street. They would be cheap and it wouldn't be worth a "gangster's" time at all. Hell like I said there wouldn't be gangsters with no black market product to sell. Gang activity has been illegal forever, it is called racketeering and should not be allowed because it is a group of people who conspire to do illegal acts together. You draw the line when what you are doing is AGAINST the wishes of the other peoples' wishes. I want to buy drugs, you want to sell them, no problem there. You want money for sex and I want to pay, no problem there. I want to kill you and you don't want me to kill you, fucking problem.

Make sense yet?

Tanya, I think you are missing the intended point of this threat (Robin, please correct me if I am wrong). Legalizing prostitution would have allow eliminate the back-alley dangerous encounters that happen every day in every city across this country. Under our current archaic laws, we force prostitutes into a position in which they have no protections, they have limited access to medial care, and the laws waste an enormous amount of out tax dollars. 


Making prostitution legal, would allow us to control the activity, and ensure the safety of those individuals that choose to participate in it. Additionally, we could reduce the spread of STD's, reduce the tax dollars spent fighting an institution that will always exist.


You mentioned morals, but morals are relative; each of us have our own morals that as atheists we should not be forcing on others at the end of a gun barrels or with handcuffs.  

Marriage is a civil contract between two people, to protect the financial aspect of their relationship. It's a partnership Why just two people? I have no idea...

What goes on in their marriage is no one else's business..

That's another issue...

Someones morals should be left up to the individual.

As for the porn stars.. Were they drug addicts that are now in poor health as a result or did they catch an STD from not using protection?

They regret it, do all of them?

I regret alot of things..

"I should have stuck to that diet" . Should that be outlawed, will overeating be a crime next?  It's bad for you... Is it morally right to over eat when people are starving?



Why two people?  See my reply to Jeremy below.


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