In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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I've read that some women save money for college while stripping, but as you know that's legal.


Prostitution is illegal for the same reason gay marrige is; the government can't except new ideas. They use the Bible as an excuse to say no to it.

They are hurting no one ,but there is a possiblity to hurt them selves. You could contract many STD's in this feild of work. I guess when you think about it like this it's to keep your self from harm. Like people try to stop suicide & cutting (self harm) the government tries to stop prostitution because you can also hurt your self. I don't think that's the only reason it is illegal though it's just weird to them & they don't like it.

Men & Wemon are being controlled because like I said it's just weird to people. It's 'whore'-ish. If you knew a girl who slept around with alot of people wouldn't you kind of think down on her &/or try to help her turn her life around so she dosn't get hurt?

The bible is running us. There are to many followers of it. Well I think so.

Sorry If I seem kind of like not taking sides. I'm just trying to show what people think about prostitution. I think it's okay & no one elses buissness. But that's just my opion & I try not to be one sided.

Remember, it is perfectly ok to be one sided when it comes to what you want for your society. That's the basis of democracy; dissent! Feel free to have strong opinions. If you're wrong, you can change them after all.
EVERYONE who works for money is a whore. Get used to it.
Apparently you don't sell any part of yourself--your talent, your intelligence, your strength, your persistence (all parts of your brain and body)--for money.  If you do, you're a whore.
legalising prostitution would give more protection to both the girls (or boys) and the clients. There is also the upside that if prostitution is a recognised profession then the workers can be taxed. On that note, i wonder if business men would be able to claim the use of a prostitute as a business expense if it was legal.

Here in the Netherlands it is legal and regulated. Operating a registered brothel is also legal and health checks are required of the sex workers. This way it is taxable, and sex workers have the same right to health,  police and legal services as anyone else. What is NOT legal is street prostitution. Brothels are concentrated in the big tourist cities and at the main border towns indicating that much of the business is from foreign visitors. Two thirds of the sex workers are known to be non-Dutch nationals and it is this aspect that concerns many women's groups because of the links to human trafficking. A new law coming into being now is one that requires sex workers to be licensed, have to include the license number in any advertising and upon request to clients. The law will also require sex workers to be over 21. That said the de-criminalised nature of the business has meant that there is a remarkably low STD rate amongst workers, with any health issues being caught early in the regular medical checks.It is also interesting to note that drug addiction in Dutch sex workers is very low at 10%, and for those that are addicts there is plenty of help and support offered to them.


I think it should be legal when trade is by a licensed sex worker. This is simply better for society as it keeps sex workers safe and under the protection of the law, reduces human trafficking, improves public health which saves everyone in society money in the long run and you can take in taxes. Silly notions of "morality" have to be set aside, prostitution is simply a matter of human nature and pragmatism. Those who moralise over it are usually the religious and the right wing both of whom lack properly functioning moral compasses any way.


The Fine Art of Regulated Tolerance: Prostitution in Amsterdam. Journal of Law and Society, 25, number 4, pp. 621–635. December 1998

Mobiliteit in de Nederlandse prostitutie 1998–1999 (Mobility in Dut...

Interesting.  Have we any scholars of Greek and Roman history among our number?  Did courtesans hold a respected position in those cultures?  

Have there been other cultures where performing sexual services is generally accepted?  Are there any Anthropologists about? 

I think that if this work were held in higher regard, and talented experts chose this profession, all the corresponding ills of addiction, depression, and shame would be eliminated. 

This does not mean that the present horrors of human trafficking should not be battled.

It's about freedom.  We atheists are always big on freedom.

Some Greek philosophers and historians seemed to have looked down upon temple prostitutes in other cultures:


Temple prostitution is probably the most accepted form in which it took place since it served and official function besides sexual gratification

There are of plenty prostitutes that don't do drugs, and  don't work off the streets..

The ones on the streets might do it because they are drug addicts, not the other way around...

If they are doing it for drugs, they are addicts and are in need of rehab. That would be their choice to get it or not...

Not all prostitutes are women..

There are actually women that pay men for sex, maybe older ones, unattractive or don't want a relationship...They want it, and pay for it...

There are also gay men that pay men for sex. I don't believe they are hurting anyone...And why are men perverts for wanting something that is natural... Maybe they don't have an significant other or don't want a relationship... maybe they are lonely...whatever.  

Morals... Don't steal, kill, or hurt others... that's a start... where did sex come in.... ??

Putting labels on all of them really isn't fair...



It should be clear that this isn't improving the psychological or physical well-being of the people involved.

This is especially true where it's illegal and hidden underground.


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