In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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So true, Steve and Tilly... I didn't even think about how porn is legal... That's crazy...
Of course prostitution should be legal.  A baseball pitcher sells his arm for money.  I sold my brain to a school district for 30 years.  We're all whores.
Selling the sexual services of one's own body should be legal.  Pimping should be punishable by death.

Wow, that's rather harsh..

Im sure there is a punishment that would fit that crime... but the death penalty..?

I would reserve that sentence for murders and possibly the rape of a child and or the elderly.


Force the pimps to prostitute themselves under the control of the women they used to pimp out.
Now that sounds reasonable... :)
If men would just all start withholding sex from women this wouldn't be an issue. Soon you would be offering us pay for play instead.

Who taking about women?


Good point.. however it does seem to be a predominantly feminine profession.
Heck, if they made it legal, taxed it, and then used half the money from those taxes to fund AID and STD research I'd sure as heck be a happy camper.

I'd stipulate that every "employee" would need access to healthcare somehow; perhaps something funded by the other half of those taxes. Birth control and STD prevention would be hugely important to the general health is it did become truly legal. Give it an age limit of whatever is considered "adult" in the area, and wham, there you go.
This is what is so interesting about free thinkers.  We like to look at the practical, real world implications of laws rather than deciding based on gut reactions or knee-jerk criticisms.  Surely theists would look take a surface look at this thread and say, "See, they're just rejecting god so that they can live like heathens."  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  A thinking person can see the impracticality and damage done by the "war on" prostitution and drugs, without necessarily having the desire to personally engage in those activities.  It's similar to straight people supporting gay rights.  (Another thing the hard core right wing fails to comprehend)


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