In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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The argument is predicated on the fact that many things are only wrong because the Bible says it is. I don't agree these things are only wrong because of religious morality. I think they are wrong because they cause harm to the people involved, whether they be psychologically or physically. This argument was proving a point that moral relativity is a weak argument.

So because they cause harm to some they should be morally wrong for all?


How is that a stronger argument than moral relativity?


I just think that it's about personal freedom and yes, if this practice that exists..(I'm not saying we should invent this) was out in the open, there would be many benefits to society, and to the individuals  involved..

Will I benefit?

No.... why should that matter....

They just voted in gay marriage in my state.... It's about DAM time!  The same rights for all!!!

I'm not gay... Why should I care?....because's right!

But that's another discussion... LOL


peace :)

This whole morality crap just reminds me of the old joke


Would you have sex with me for a dollar?   Woman says No

Would you have sex with me for a million dollars? Woman says well okay for a million dollars.


See we just established your a hooker now we are just haggling prices.


Morality is subject to your own compromises. Some compromise for much less then others but it doesnt mean their morals are less then yours.Theirs are just for sale at a lower price.

The better question is asking how we arrived at such hypocrisy in this country.  It's illegal to pay a girl for sex unless you profit from it.  Porn? Okay!  Prostitution? No way!  This is absurdly hypocritical.



I don’t believe that any of the sex industries are a benefit to society. I think they cause more harm than good. Or can anyone tell me what I’m missing; maybe there is something positive that this industry brings which i might not be aware of.

There has always been a demand for prostitution, whether it was legal or not. It's not called "the oldest profession of the world" for nothing. Pornography too has a long tradition in one form or another.


So in a way, satisfying a demand that can't be eliminated does serve a purpose

Tanya, you first stated that the legalization would not provide YOU any benefit, not you want to know what the benefit would be to society as a whole. I

While there are surely other factors involved.. including theism.. Countries with legal prostitution do have a significantly lower rate of violent crime then ones where it is illegal.


Denmark and Australia for examples.


So while there may be no direct benefit there is certainly no evidence to support that it is a harm at all.

Hi Tanya,


"I think they cause more harm than good."


Is that an evidence based thought/belief?


But does it matter? Who is judging what is 'good for society'?  I have no time for the sorts of people/groups who use that sort of language.  Like the Family Values groups and Catholic Church for eg.


Isn't the freedom to do what we want, safely and without harming others, a principle we could all get behind?  I think football is pretty bad for society, turning many men into grunting, unthinking, tribal neanderthals - as it does.  But I'd never legislate against it because in doing so, I endorse the right of others to legislate unreasonably against me.

Yes.  Let's get rid of the government control of our bedroom and replace it with the government control of a third-party bedroom!  Sounds great!  Regulate and tax everything to death, because people don't know what's good for them.  If we don't regulate people, they'll end up hurting themselves.  Then hookers will end up lurking around our suburban neighborhoods looking to spread their diseases on our doorsteps.


Let's all look to government to solve our problems.  Forget personal responsibility, that shit's for the birds.  People will never learn if we let them do what they want, we've got to step in and say "No! Bad citizen! No cookie!"

We've got to make sure the government is always there to hold our hands.

You complain about the religious right trying to control people's lives while speaking of regulation?  Where do you draw the line?


The idiocy of politics in this country baffles me.  The "religious-right" sickens me.  Hell, it sickened me even when I was a conservative Christian.  These people with their grand-standing bullshit may have made me sick, but I'll be damned if I run to side with the idiocy of the left.


'Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do.. '


Actually, the First Amendment gives every American the right to "Preach" whatever the hell they want.  Some people decide to take it a bit too far and instead of just preaching, they try to impose their beliefs on others through legislation.  The good old "I don't do it so why should you be allowed to" attitude.  This is not good for anyone.


Why do we call that wrong and turn around and try to justify regulating something that is not ours to regulate?  Should the use of condoms be regulated because there's a chance of disease transmission?  Making sure condoms are available?  Been to a store lately (or a public restroom for that matter)?  They're pretty available.  Are stores required by the government to carry condoms? Not the last time I checked.  Here's a challenge: find a prostitute without condoms.  Do you honestly believe that a brothel would not provide or sell condoms?  Do you honestly believe that it would be in the best interest of such a business to not test for STDs? 

We don't need the government breathing down our necks.

Why must we regulate everything witht he government.  Whatever happened to government by the people for the people?  Do we really have to run off and make laws for every aspect of our lives? 


The "people don't know what's good for them" attitude is absurd.

We are each responsible for our own actions.


"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
-Thomas Jefferson


The US needs more libertarians:

My "personal responsibility" bit happens to refer to the natural consequences of our actions.  We have to live with the consequences of our actions, that is a REALITY, it has nothing to do with morality.  If you don't use a condom, you take certain risks.  There are risks even when you do use a condom.  Requiring condoms is great, but let's leave that up to the businesses and individuals to decide.  You may be surprised at how unregulated the porn industry is.  You think they require condoms?


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