In my opinion, a person should be able to charge for services that they can give away if they want. Who are they hurting? Two or more consenting adults make an arrangement that is between themselves.

Why is it that women and men for that matter, are still being  controlled by governments in the bedroom? Is the bible or religion running our societies? 

Who or what decided on things that are moral or immoral?

Just because a person doesn't want to do something themselves, I for one, doesn't give them the right to "Preach" to others what to do..



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You should legalize drugs and drug dealing, then there wouldn't BE gang activity you see. It would be regulated just like everything else and taxed so no one could make that kind of money of drugs in the street. They would be cheap and it wouldn't be worth a "gangster's" time at all. Hell like I said there wouldn't be gangsters with no black market product to sell. Gang activity has been illegal forever, it is called racketeering and should not be allowed because it is a group of people who conspire to do illegal acts together. You draw the line when what you are doing is AGAINST the wishes of the other peoples' wishes. I want to buy drugs, you want to sell them, no problem there. You want money for sex and I want to pay, no problem there. I want to kill you and you don't want me to kill you, fucking problem.

Make sense yet?

Tanya, I think you are missing the intended point of this threat (Robin, please correct me if I am wrong). Legalizing prostitution would have allow eliminate the back-alley dangerous encounters that happen every day in every city across this country. Under our current archaic laws, we force prostitutes into a position in which they have no protections, they have limited access to medial care, and the laws waste an enormous amount of out tax dollars. 


Making prostitution legal, would allow us to control the activity, and ensure the safety of those individuals that choose to participate in it. Additionally, we could reduce the spread of STD's, reduce the tax dollars spent fighting an institution that will always exist.


You mentioned morals, but morals are relative; each of us have our own morals that as atheists we should not be forcing on others at the end of a gun barrels or with handcuffs.  

Marriage is a civil contract between two people, to protect the financial aspect of their relationship. It's a partnership Why just two people? I have no idea...

What goes on in their marriage is no one else's business..

That's another issue...

Someones morals should be left up to the individual.

As for the porn stars.. Were they drug addicts that are now in poor health as a result or did they catch an STD from not using protection?

They regret it, do all of them?

I regret alot of things..

"I should have stuck to that diet" . Should that be outlawed, will overeating be a crime next?  It's bad for you... Is it morally right to over eat when people are starving?



Why two people?  See my reply to Jeremy below.

No.  Adultery isn't wrong just because the bible says so.  There are many good and practical reasons for adultery to be considered a moral and legal wrong.  The spread of disease, the possibility of unintended pregnancy, the possibility of destroying a previously stable marriage and disrupting the economic unit on which minor children may be dependent, the possibility of jealousy induced violence, the fact that it is a type of fraud the threatens the emotional and economic well being of the other spouse and his or her children, etc.  The list goes on and on.

So because they cause harm to some they should be morally wrong for all?


How is that a stronger argument than moral relativity?


I just think that it's about personal freedom and yes, if this practice that exists..(I'm not saying we should invent this) was out in the open, there would be many benefits to society, and to the individuals  involved..

Will I benefit?

No.... why should that matter....

They just voted in gay marriage in my state.... It's about DAM time!  The same rights for all!!!

I'm not gay... Why should I care?....because's right!

But that's another discussion... LOL


peace :)

This whole morality crap just reminds me of the old joke


Would you have sex with me for a dollar?   Woman says No

Would you have sex with me for a million dollars? Woman says well okay for a million dollars.


See we just established your a hooker now we are just haggling prices.


Morality is subject to your own compromises. Some compromise for much less then others but it doesnt mean their morals are less then yours.Theirs are just for sale at a lower price.

The better question is asking how we arrived at such hypocrisy in this country.  It's illegal to pay a girl for sex unless you profit from it.  Porn? Okay!  Prostitution? No way!  This is absurdly hypocritical.



There has always been a demand for prostitution, whether it was legal or not. It's not called "the oldest profession of the world" for nothing. Pornography too has a long tradition in one form or another.


So in a way, satisfying a demand that can't be eliminated does serve a purpose

Tanya, you first stated that the legalization would not provide YOU any benefit, not you want to know what the benefit would be to society as a whole. I

While there are surely other factors involved.. including theism.. Countries with legal prostitution do have a significantly lower rate of violent crime then ones where it is illegal.


Denmark and Australia for examples.


So while there may be no direct benefit there is certainly no evidence to support that it is a harm at all.


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