Unless you've been living under a bridge for the last couple weeks, you should be aware that things have heated up with a huge increase in rocket attacks from Gaza into urban areas in Israel, launched by Hamas Palestinians. Israel has been replying with air strikes that have killed civilians because the missiles have been sourced in residential areas.

Israel is now talking about the need to put boots on the ground in Gaza pretty much going house-to-house, which will likely kill even more civilians.

Attempts are underway to bring about a diplomatic solution, but assuming the future will look like the past, many would argue that's a waste of time.

What are your thoughts?

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"Might makes right." "He who wins gets to write history." 

"Those who do not repeat history are condemed to forget it." —Sarlos Cantayana

Lisdexic much?

Mhat do you whean?

Nice bit of propaganda you have there, personally I tend to pigeonhole people based on which side's propaganda they offer as "evidence" for their foregone conclusion.

Israel needs to stop using disproportionate force...

WTF? Well, how about they blindly lob thousands of missiles into Gaza as a proportional response. The Hamas forces in Gaza lob missiles and mortars into Israel not caring where they land. At least the Israeli jets have specific targets despite the collateral damage! If Hamas truly cared about its own people, it could locate its missile launchers away from the civilian population. Of course, that would make them easy targets and there would be less waving of the bloody shirt for its propaganda value.

Israel has a big problem coming to a head in a few years. The proportion of its population which is not Jewish and is primarily Palestinian is growing until the Jews will be in the minority. Whether it remains a democracy then or becomes some semblance of an apartheid state.

Want to know what’s REALLY going on in the Israel/Gaza conflict? There are apt analogs plenty in mythology and history to enlighten us.
First, in biblical mythology, there is "The Pentateuch," wherein the Israelites systematically confiscated the lands they coveted, and exterminated its indigenous peoples. Only in those days, the ancestors of today’s Palestinians were called the Canaanites. It was a brutal genocide - then and now. Ben N. is playing the role of Moses. Perhaps, like his biblical mentor, Ben could ask Yahweh to stop the sun in the sky for three days to make it easier for Israeli tanks to trample Gaza underfoot. Or, like Joshua, he could blow his horn and the walls of Gaza would come tumbling down. Failing that, he could use one of his stockpile of nuclear bombs. “Fire a puny rocket on MY cornfield, will you? I’ll drop a nuke on yours - ‘an eye for an eye’.” Actually, it’s more like thousands of eyes for an eye.
Second, in actual history, there is the example of the conquest of the western hemisphere by the armies of the Christian God - first the Spanish, followed by the English. “Onward Christian Soldiers,” vividly describes the advance of white Europeans across the American continent, carrying their Catholic banners and smallpox-infested blankets with them - systematically exterminating or subjugating all who stood in the way of white Christians who coveted the land. To be sure, the indigenous peoples fought back, however pathetically, but they were doomed, as are today's Palestinians, from the start.
And don’t kid yourself: what is going on in the Palestinian territories today is exactly what Americans did here for the last several centuries. Occasionally, Israel may suffer its own brief Custer-like setbacks, but ultimately, all of this land will be owned, operated, and exploited exclusively by Israel. All Palestinians will either be eliminated, deported, assimilated, or isolated, as have been “Native Americans” today. And that would be just fine with "Fox News" and the neocons.
Had “Fox News” been around in earlier centuries, they would have led the drumbeat of the conquest of America, just as they are doing today in the Middle East. Just ask them; they will proudly tell you so. What is more disheartening is that even the mainstream media has joined the cacophony with unqualified support of Israel’s objectives, and full acceptance of its propaganda. Most Americans buy into the “Israel has a right to defend itself” mantra, just as they did Condi Rice’s cynical “mushroom cloud” metaphor to justify attacking and murdering hundreds of thousands of totally innocent Iraqis in pursuit of self-serving ends.
And who is exulting most in this lopsided, de facto genocide? American evangelicals. They see this as the opening salvo of the “Battle of Armageddon,” as prophesied in their preposterous Book of Revelations.
Ain’t religion wonderful?

Don't disagree with anything, Dale, except it was Joshua, not Moses - old Mose tapped a rock one extra more than Yahweh told him to, and after getting all of the people out of Egypt and leading them for forty years in the desert, was rewarded for all his work by being left on the wrong side of the Jordan - Yahweh didn't have the greatest retirement plan.

So, with Secretary H. Clinton going to Israel to help broker a cease fire, what does Hamas do? They leave a bomb on a Tel Aviv bus, and in Gaza, after the bomb explodes, they distribute candy to children in celebration.


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