Unless you've been living under a bridge for the last couple weeks, you should be aware that things have heated up with a huge increase in rocket attacks from Gaza into urban areas in Israel, launched by Hamas Palestinians. Israel has been replying with air strikes that have killed civilians because the missiles have been sourced in residential areas.

Israel is now talking about the need to put boots on the ground in Gaza pretty much going house-to-house, which will likely kill even more civilians.

Attempts are underway to bring about a diplomatic solution, but assuming the future will look like the past, many would argue that's a waste of time.

What are your thoughts?

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A part of me wants Israel to invade and just get the whole damn thing over, of course it may make things worse but who knows. What was god thinking when he acting as a real estate dealer to his chosen people?

I always liked this quote: 

"The main danger which Israel, as a 'Jewish state', poses to its own people, to other Jews and to its neighbours, is its ideologically motivated pursuit of territorial expansion and the inevitable series of wars resulting from this aim...No Zionist politician has ever repudiated the idea that Israeli policies must be based (within the limits of practical considerations) on the restoration of Biblical borders as the borders of the Jewish state."

 -  Israeli professor, Israel Shahak, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3000 Years."

Well, they need that territory to house all of those descendants their god promised Abraham:

"Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them...so shall thy seed be." (Gen. 15:5)

then Brother I think they may have to seriously expand beyond their current borders.

From a strategic point of view I don't see what use there is to firing imprecise missiles from densely populated neighbourhoods in to other towns and cities hoping to make civil casualties.

A response to these attacks means firing somewhat more precise ordinance in to those densely populated areas. Yes, there are going to be civilian casualties even with higher precision. Should Israel not defend themselves against Hamas who cleverly set up their rocket launchers in those densely populated areas?

Civil casualties make for saucy headlines in the media and grab lots of attention and support. Pictures of children blown apart by bombs that were intended for the weapons that they were living on top of makes for great propaganda material. Fact of the matter is that war isn't pretty.

Hamas and a hand full of countries in that region have vowed the total annihilation of the Jewish state. Hate is preached on a daily basis and will forever continue on until their goal is reached. Not only the Nazi's had that goal in mind.

Should they invade? That is a highly difficult question to answer. Does Hamas expect support from Iran, maybe even with nuclear attacks? Is there support from other countries to expected should Israel invade? How many civil casualties are reasonable? What will be the long term effect should Israel manage to rid Gaza of all weaponry.

The fact is that it is only a matter of time until the weapons are being imported back in to Gaza and the attacks will start a new. It is a never ending battle between ideologies that will never be at peace with each other.

What I find more disturbing is that Anonymous has entered the fray. So far they seemed to be somewhat noble in their attempts to shake big companies up a bit. It seems now that Anonymous has chosen to support the extinguishing of the Jewish state and it makes me question the political agenda of said group. Is it even Anonymous that has chosen to enter the political realm and mess with country politics?

Since it was God who gave the Jews the promised land, and it was Great Britain that established Israel, does that mean that Queen Elizabeth is God? 

Religion is not rational or logical. How could anyone in their right mind think that these people are going to reach a peaceful solution. History has shown us time and again that religion demands unwavering reverence to it's dogma and intolerance of anyone who disagrees. The necessary result is bloodshed and war. Today across our globe countless numbers die daily from this insanity. It is the great scourge of mankind. I have become numb to the senseless deaths of these religious zealots.  

Good comment, The world will be better off without these zionists and Islamic extremists. And yea, can't forget the evangelical zealots.

I think the arabs should dress up as big orange pumpkins. The jews should wear clown suits with huge shoes.

And they should have a big dance-off party followed by a ham and pineapple pizza eating contest !

And then take a few days off and think about WTF they are about to do.

Besides if they tried it for just a moment they may actually become friendly neighbors

Seems to me the Jews are yet again a victim of their own manufactured religion which has properties that can only result in these kind of problems. One of the most troublesome  property is their exclusiveness of being God chosen people. It means you can only become a Jew if your born into it. Its logical consequence is that it will create envy from any group of people that do not belong to this exclusive club but would like to. Islam and Christianity are basically a direct result from this exclusiveness rule. To receive also gods grace, both group must essentially deny the Jews claim of still being Gods only choosing people. The Christians do it by accusing the Jews of killing their spiritual king  and son of God Jesus Christ, the Muslim do it by accusing the Jews not accepting Mohamed the messenger as a the final prophet of God. As long as people let them self to be controlled by these religions, the systematic problems of the Jewish people will persist.

War doesn't determine who is rightwar determines who is left. - Bertrand Russell

Let them resolve their religious problems and when they finish they could join the rest of us in the 21st Century


that's a wonderful quote


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