Unless you've been living under a bridge for the last couple weeks, you should be aware that things have heated up with a huge increase in rocket attacks from Gaza into urban areas in Israel, launched by Hamas Palestinians. Israel has been replying with air strikes that have killed civilians because the missiles have been sourced in residential areas.

Israel is now talking about the need to put boots on the ground in Gaza pretty much going house-to-house, which will likely kill even more civilians.

Attempts are underway to bring about a diplomatic solution, but assuming the future will look like the past, many would argue that's a waste of time.

What are your thoughts?

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Let God sort it out.

Well both parties are going to heaven so might as well get this over with it. The muslims believe they will go to heaven when they die, same with the jews. So they should have no qualm about dying, or is it that their so called faith is just for show and they don't really believe in it? Yea, that's it.

I think we have to admit that there is no "God" who promised the Jews of the land .. and there is no "God" who promised Muslims of heaven when they die in fights or wars .. there is no such thing as a holy war.

The whole thing is a farce .. even the names of their military operations is pure farce "pillar of cloud".

i don't give a damn about any of them .. what really concerns me are the children and civilians getting killed and injured in these attacks .. and it's too obvious that "God" is the one who caused all this mess by promising the Jews an already inhabited land .. what an ass

This guy god seems like a real asshole. Someone needs to set him straight.

Religions aside, Israel has been enduring a barrage of missile and mortar attacks. No country with the means to respond is going to take that for very long without taking steps to put an end to it. By contrast I bet Hamas isn't loved for doing what will bring Israeli troops into Gaza. They, like the Israelis, probably just want to live their everyday lives without having to worry about being bombed or having to live with Israeli soldiers on the streetcorners, much less Israeli troops searching private dwellings.

violence cause more violence .. it's a viscous circle .. i guess they must do something new .. be creative.

As you say, the vicious circle is only broken by someone taking the first step and risking forgiveness instead of retaliation.  This whole conflict is a great and terrifying illustration of the game theories developed by mathemeticians in the 60's, and their application by evolutionary sociologists and biologists.  A basic truth that came to light is that the most natural situation between two potential antagonists, one in which good turns are reciprocated and aggression or malice is retaliated against, quickly spirals into a full-blown conflict from which there is little hope of retreating.  The most stable strategy, theorists discovered, was one in which occasional forgiveness was encouraged.  This all sounds very bland and simplistic, but we're seeing the devestating consequences of this basic truth in the form of rocket fire and air raids.  The solution, then, is already there; Israel, as the larger, better equiped, less vulnerable party in the conflict, must offer the first olive branch.  The fact that they have not done so, despite their relatively effective rocket defense system and the high ratio of Palestinian casualties to Israeli casulties, should indicate to thinking observers that there is something more than just bringing about a cease-fire on the minds of Israeli military and government officials.  Similarly, the political arm of Hamas seems entirely too beholden to the militants firing rockets across the border, whose primary objective seems to be a higher Israeli body count.  In both cases, the governments and their actions do not reflect the interests or wishes of the people they represent; most civilians on either side of the border would undoubtedly prefer nothing more than for the bombings to stop. 

That said, it's unlikely that any accountability on the part of the Israeli government will be brought by pressure from the people.  What really needs to happen is a conditional withdrawl of U.S. support for Israeli aggression, and a similar move on the part of the Arab league (though their support for Hamas is not exactly comparable to the monumental enabling role America plays in Israel's foreign policy).  Israeli expansionism and aggression is all implicitly backed by the threat of the wrath of the United States, which has become beholden to Israeli interests in a completely inexplicable, blind fashion.  Without the unconditional American support it has enjoyed for so long, Israel would have to play by the rules of those nations that surround it, which presumably means living peacefully, not pushing its borders at every opportunity, and not using any excuse to escalate the violence across the border. 

"The solution, then, is already there; Israel, as the larger, better equiped, less vulnerable party in the conflict, must offer the first olive branch."

Very much in line with game theory, Israel is attempting what is often referred to as a 'nice guy with consequences'/'tit for tat with forgiveness' strategy in which it usually does nothing in response, but if provoked enough will lash out. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and the Palestinian response was to elect Hamas into government. Israel then launched Cast Lead after an uptick in rocket and mortar attacks.. and as such the days go by.

The current flare up is due to a wish by Iran to shift focus from Syria by antagonizing a common enemy, and to test the new Egyptian leadership's dedication to the Camp David accords. I would not be surprised if Hezbollah joins in on the fun soon too.

Arcus, I'm glad you see the Iranian connection too. I was beginning to think I was alone.

Just as I thought: It's in no one's interest (not those in control)—not the Palestinians, the Israelis, or the Iranians—for the conflict to be resolved. All parties are itching for total victory. Nothing less.

In this particular case, Israel has made concession after concession over the last 20 years or so.  They did not have to let the palestinians elect their own government, jsut for instance.  Israel was willing to grant independence on the condition that Palestine recognize Israel's right to exist, and the Palestinian negotiators refused.

Israel has already made all the concessions it needs to, IMHO.

I just want Israel to fucking leave us alone. They can bomb Iran, gaza whatever the fuck they want, I am sick of playing big brother (or is it little brother) to Israel. Take care of your own shit, we got our own problems to fix.


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