Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts.

Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts. Me personally, the responsibility is with the citizens to do them or not.

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I completely agree. Even tho on occasion the rhythm of life has placed coffee in my path, but rarely. Have you watched the documentary called Black Coffee? Amazing historical analysis of coffee and it's impact on the world.


I worked with "city" employees two summers ago and they spent insane amounts of time getting their coffee fix! It was completely alien to me!

My experience is considerably different on the caffeine front.  It takes me well over a week of coffee/ caffeine drinking to experience any withdrawal symptoms, and those symptoms are only noticeable in the form of mild headaches for a day or two.  When I was younger, I never had any issues at all.

I think if any drugs should be legalised, it should be the illegal drugs, because I don't know how to legalise legal drugs.

I would never want marijuana legalized....


because at one point my resume read something like this:


"Sales Manager for a Party Bus. Activities included managing sales and promotional agents on the floor, actively recruiting new talent and constantly negotiating prices forproducts"


I have since retired.


Wonderful memories of the past aside, I wholeheartedly support legalization of weed (since I don't give a crap what the dealers now make...*grin*)


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