Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts.

Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts. Me personally, the responsibility is with the citizens to do them or not.

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I know in South Africa one of my main complaints is that our violent crime rate is massive and yet so much resource is spent on curbing drug usage. In fact helicopters are used to burn the weed plantations in the hills of Lesotho and KZN. This seems silly to me since not only is it a waste of police resources but often it is the only income the people there have. It should be legal and taxed because many poorer nations could make a fortune legally supplying good quality regulated substances.


We do have an interesting situation here at the moment though where some people have been crushing up anti-retroviral HIV meds, mixing them with amphetamines and getting wasted. Its called Wunga and is at least partially legal but has been implicated in a string of execution style family murders in rural KZN.

i've seen plenty of heroin addicts in my short life, who became no more than a shadow of a human being- animals who would do anything  -ANYTHING - for another dose.


i've also seen people's brains turn to mush, their memory completely erased because of marijuana. i personally stopped smoking pot because i realized my memory was beginning to get damadged. people don't realize the price they're paying in exchange for a good time, and wake up when it's already too late. 


HOWEVER, when presented with the question of legality, i think what most people actually think of is- "should there be no more drugs in the world?" we outlaw things in the hope they will cease to exist.


if that were true, i would be in favor. but that's not the case. outlawing something has nothing to do with extrerminating it from existance. actually- in most cases it makes it worse. turning a blind eye to things we don't like only makes them grow,and fall under the management of criminals.


drugs should be legal.


For years I have advocated not only should all drugs be legal, they should be free. If the government was the sole supplier, dealers and their power to corrupt the legal system and destroy lives would be ended.

People have objected saying "We would have kids doing drugs! We would have people driving while on drugs. People would die of overdoses."

All of those things are happening now. There are plenty of laws concerning driving under the influence. Has that stopped anyone? Not many.

Part of the attraction of drugs is that they are illegal and it's a way for the younger generation to thumb their noses at the older. If they were free and provided by the "establishment" that attraction wouldn't be as great.

They billions currently spending spending on enforcement and incarceration could be used for education and treatment. I predict that, the first year, a lot of drugs would be given away. The second year, not so many. after five years, like many government programs, they would be scrambling to find clients to prevent the program from being cut back or canceled.
Keep the government out of drug distribution! Have you seen the movie Equilibrium? Describes my thoughts exactly. We already have enough brainwashing going on without approving of government induced stupor! My stupor should be of my own volition only :)
To take the profits away from the drug dealers, you have to keep the prices low so that the users here can afford them.  Otherwise, the blackmarket versions of the drugs will continue to sell.  You have to make the price so low that the blackmarket can't beat it.

Huge taxes would increase illegal sales. That has been a conundrum with North American cigarettes for decades. Tobacco companies conveniently "lose" entire shipments of cigarettes, which then end up on native reserves being sold tax-free for a quarter of the 'approved' market value.


Taxes also never discouraged poor people from smoking cigarettes. In fact as awareness and taxes were going up, it's the educated and financially well-to-do who reduced their smoking, not the poor.

Speaking from experience drugs can really destroy peoples lives so before everyone agrees with legalizing them think about then some of the people who have just tried drugs once and died as a consequence,also friends I've had in school I can hardly talk to anymore as their heads are that far gone they would giggle at everything you say(brain dead from years of smoking weed) ,their brains are not coming back perhaps they'd be better off dead,This argument is not black and white by no means.
Other than to your respiratory system, smoking pot does almost nothing harmful, and nothing permanent to your body or mind.  Even the damage to the repiratory system is debateable, and vaporizers eliminate most of that anyway.
My lungs have never been capable of smoking 'smoke'. I can't wait to get my hands on a vaporiser. I can just imagine the beauty of getting high without peeing myself from coughing/choking!
Fox: "How many Police Brutality stories will it take for us to realize that the war on drugs is far more brutal than drug use itself..."
The quote clears a lot of things in my mind.
I tend to agree with you Cass.


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