Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts.

Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts. Me personally, the responsibility is with the citizens to do them or not.

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I would rather see our society deal with the problems of blanket legalization than not dealing with the problems of illegal drugs (the current situation).
I agree completely, why repeat history, we already learned our lesson.  Cocaine and other drugs were freely available for consumer purchase at any store and it became a huge problem.....No need to go there again.

"Cocaine and other drugs" were never made illegal because of any "huge problem".


They were made illegal for strictly political purposes.

Well please tell me T A A,What then was the reason for the opium wars?
Yes indeed,  how were the Anglo-Chinese wars NOT political events, hmmm. A few generations earlier after the Confucian philosophy/religion had declared being stoned to be unConfucian... more politics. It's always politics.
Statistically, there is no doubt that a significant portion of the population is not, and perhaps can never be, responsible.  The only question is whether there is reason to believe that portion is significantly large with regard to a particular behavior and what harm will result because of that from each of the public policy choices.

Homo sapiens have been using drugs since the 'dawn of times'. Only in the past few decades have they been illegal!!!!!


Coffee was illegal too when it was first introduced to Europe, political leaders of the time considered it as a political agitator and destabiliser.


I totally agree that the education system needs a lot of improvements. Maybe we could redirect all the prison and police money to improving education. Seems a lot sounder to me.

If we can take the billions of dollars that we're spending on fighting drugs, and turn it towards education, then I think we'll be able to moderately improve the situation. However, knowing us, we'll probably just make it all legal at once.

Didn't the same thing happened with the Prohibition ( where alcohol was illegal ). If you rank those substance on 'addictiveness' alcohol ranks top 3 ( top 1 and 2 being Heroine and Cocaine ). You can examine with your own eyes what alcohol does and extrapolate them with drugs also.


I am in a state of cognitive dissonance on this matter. I do not agree with drugs/alcohol/tobacco but my realist part kicks in and tells me that banning them makes things worst. I will monitor this thread more closely.


do not agree with drugs/alcohol/tobacco[...]


that could be simply a reflex vestige of an old way of thought influenced by religion? I have no friends who are "heavy users" or who are "addicted", I've always found the monkey on my shoulder aspect very unappealing, but that goes equally for nicotine/alcohol/prescription drug use. The only distinction with illegal "drugs" is that politicians and certain corporations had financial motives to make them illegal. Nicotine to me is a disgusting habit.


I use prescription drugs as little as possible, and mind-altering substances... recreationally, which means maybe a dozen times a year. Never touched meth tho, and wouldn't.

All drugs should be legal to possess and use.  If you want to make anything illegal, make it the distribution and manufacture.  The government has no right to tell us what we can or can not put into our bodies.  I would go even further though, and legalize and regulate the production and sale of all drugs.  For things like pot, mushrooms, opium, salvia, etc.., drugs that take little to no processing, and that the processing of poses little to no danger to society, I would allow anyone to process and possess small, personal use amounts.  If someone wants to sell these drugs, then they should have to get a license.  I would even tier the licenses.  One for anyone who wants to sell retail amounts (anything between a gram and an ounce), one for low level wholesalers (anything from a quarter pound to a half pound), and one for commercial quantaties (anything a pound or more).  This would allow for many small businesses to start up, and it would allow for mult-tiered revenue from taxing each level of sales, and from licensing fees.


As for the mor heavily processed drugs, these should be processed in labs (either government or pharmacy), and sold in state controlled institutions (like liquor stores here in Washington state).  Then the quality could be highly controlled, as well as the purity.  If Pharmeceutical companies were to be the ones to make the coke, crack, meth, heroine, LSD, mesculine, microdot, and exstacy (under government supervision), they could then use the profits to fund their medicinal drug ventures, lowering the costs of prescription drugs.


If the law also dictated where the revenues from the sales of these illegal drugs went, say to education, drug abuse prevention, police and other social servants, and to create a fund to handle the medical problems that drug addiction and use of hard drugs leads to, then the legalization of these drugs would be a great boon to society.  It would cut out the illegal drug trade, and shut down the black market drug trade.  The black market can not compete with a mainstream markets prices, they have to figure in legal costs.  It would provide state and federal revenue.  The money lost by police agencies when they lose there war on drugs funding, would be replaced with revenue from the drug sales.  This would also create opportunities for thousands if not tens of thousands of small businesses.  One large problem that I see, especially with pot and the softer drugs, is the question of how to keep companies like phillip morris out of the game, because that would compromise many of the benefits of legalizing the drugs.

I'd say sure with marijuana.  I would rather have them taxing that than spending the outrageous amount they do yearly on the "War Against Drugs."  Other drugs can make people batsh!t crazy and destroy lives, so I'm not as excited to see those legalized. 


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