Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts.

Should illegal drugs be legalized? I want to hear your thoughts. Me personally, the responsibility is with the citizens to do them or not.

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i'm dead against drugs. but it isn't my call. they should be legal, if anything it would make them less appealing...
what about penicillin? aspirin? anti-cancer medications? caffeine?
it's funny how the english language uses the same word to describe heroin and asprin... i think we both know what i meant...
not so sure there is a big difference between heroine and aspirin. heroine used to be used as a pain killer. morphine, a derivative, still is. aspirin is dangerous and kills thousands a year. what exactly is the difference besides legality? addiction? cheese is addicting and has opiates in it.
Yes, they should be legal and taxed.
I think pot should be legal for sure. I'm so tired of my tax dollars and police officers time going to bust people who just want to smoke up. I think it should be illegal to deal drugs like heroine and meth but I don't think those who are users of the drugs should be put in jail for using. I think we need to encourage those unfortunate enough to be addicted to a drug of any kind to seek help and not be afraid of being put in jail. From what I read on Adriana's link on the Dutch drug laws I think they would work well in the USA.

I cannot think of a single situation in the history of the world where there was a greater good to be had for society in general that could justify giving up the rights to privacy of our body.

Think about it. When has the danger to the human species been so grave that we were stripped of our most personal of personal rights? How did this happen?


You guys have a LOT to answer for. 

If there is one thing that is truly ours, it's the shell we operate in. 

It baffles my mind to think that our free and proud government has say so over what we do with it, as long as it is not hurting anyone else. 

I mean, that is the very definition of HUMAN RIGHTS. 

Holding dominance over the body of another... holding PHYSICAL DOMINANCE over another man, woman or child when they aren't directly or even indirectly harming another? Rules like that are nothing more than enforced morality. 

I cannot even put my head around the fact that someone else has more say so over what I put into, take out of and do with my own fucking flesh. 

I believe in the right to die (without burdening the tax payer.)

I believe in the right to a safe and legal abortion.

I believe in the right to donate or not donate my organs. (Even while currently in use.)

I believe in the right to eat, drink, smoke, fornicate and generally seek pleasure in any form I choose, as long as it does not harm another being. 

It's all one and the same. 

Marijuana should definitely be legalized.  The others are more problematic.
I've never smoked pot, nor do I want to, but legalize it anyway.

I wonder what it would be like to be legally high on pot? Anybody reading this ever have the experience of being legally high on pot? What was it like? I'm very curious. Did it feel like "Hell yeah! This is great! Na na na na" or what? Did you like it too much? Did you feel like you could control your usage and not overuse? Does smoking pot legally take care of the parnoia problem a lot of people have when smoking pot?




Why would the law make you feel different? Other than the the paranoia of having you door kicked in, or the loss of a job, loss of education grants, the threat of JAIL- and all that-

I  have never had or understood  the so called paranoia from cannabis- it's the best plant on earth - serves thousands of uses, every one beneficial to mankind -


yes!it hasn't done any body but the goverment any good making them illegal.look @ history,drugs used to be legal and no one ever had that be of a problem.ya people got addicted but they weren't out killing and stilling for ' just look @ the money that could be made and saved.  

You can ether be free or drug free,but you can't be both!


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