There is a sign posted on an electrical pole near my home which reads:


"Sinners Need a Saviour.  Jesus Died for Our Sins.  Have you Accepted Him"


Now, the reason I don't like the sign is because it promotes bullcrap IMO, and I don't want children reading that self-defaming nonsense.  I want to tear it down.


As it happens, though I'll have to verify, I'm pretty sure the sign does not meet by-law standards, and therefore is technically not legal.  So, if it turns out that it is illegal, I could use a red-tape tape excuse if I had to defend my actions legally.


Should I tear it down, or am I being petty?



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Unfortunately I was confusing two different signs - there are a number of them in the area, and each reads a bit differenly. Anyway, I chose my course of action and operation "bullshit exposure" has been executed with without a hitch.
Well, here it is.*xZTVuh/Respect.jpg?width=401&height=600
Trying again (haven't put a photo in a post yet, trying to figure out how)


Effing awesome, man!
Correct it. Add
"And remember these people only tell you this in order to take your money. The only thing Jesus saves is your money for somebody else"
Oh You already did. NICE JOB!
thank you
Do it!

I have to torn down many such signs, especially in schools and near government buildings!

I give them one block from a church as a leave-it zone, otherwise, DOWN THEY GO!


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