There is a sign posted on an electrical pole near my home which reads:


"Sinners Need a Saviour.  Jesus Died for Our Sins.  Have you Accepted Him"


Now, the reason I don't like the sign is because it promotes bullcrap IMO, and I don't want children reading that self-defaming nonsense.  I want to tear it down.


As it happens, though I'll have to verify, I'm pretty sure the sign does not meet by-law standards, and therefore is technically not legal.  So, if it turns out that it is illegal, I could use a red-tape tape excuse if I had to defend my actions legally.


Should I tear it down, or am I being petty?



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Something about Zeus would be hilarious. "Repent or watch for the lightning bolt of Zeus! He's tired of being ignored!"
I like that one.
I would say tear it down, but this option is much more funny. Try posting this sign up^ and then if someone tears that down, then tear the original sign down. :)
If it's public property where anyone can post a sign, I'm pretty sure you can tear it down. I would.
Tear it down. Self-inflicted mental retardation has gone on for too long.
Ooh, I like that.
In fact I like It so much I think I'm goint to walk over right now to the store and get a poster board and marker.
Photo, please!!!
Yes please a photo we could post it over the entire net. make a youtube video with a crazy title make it go viral. I see to many religious rants on youtube all the time. We need a few.
I'm trying to figure out how to put a photo into a post.

I would simply put up a BULLSHIT sign right above it.
Report the sign. Maybe they will add a fine to the sign removal. That would give you even more pleasure than just tearing it down.



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