The reason why I ask is that I am attending a school sponsored trip to Italy and my teacher who knows a guy at the Vatican was able to get an audience with the Pope. Being an atheist, I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place;' because being an atheist the Pope stands for all I stand against, but on the other hand this is a rare opportunity. This question really reaches out to the ex-catholics in the community, for I am one as well and wish to get your opinion in the matter. So personally I will take the opportunity in stride, but I still wish to hear from you all on the matter.

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I'd ask why the Catholic church is afraid of sex education, or if they're really just trying to get everyone in Africa killed by a certain time.

I would be about as honored to meet the Pope as i would be to meet David Miscavige (head of church of scientology).  In other words, I wouldn't be honored at all.


As an alternative, I'd ask to visit Castel Gandolfo (one of the pope's summer residences) and specifically, I'd ask for Brother Guy Consolmagno to give me a tour of the Vatican's meteorite collection.  I'd be very honored to get such a tour.  Br. Guy is one of the popes Astronomers and a friend of mine who uses the meteorite collection for his research as well as being its curator.  Not sure how he does it, but he manages to balance his religion and his science.  I would not be able to do that - every time I learn something new about the Universe I believe less and less of the religion I was brainwashed into believing as a child.  By now, that's pretty much zilch BTW.....

I'd go and enjoy it as a tourist experience. I've never been but Vatican City looks spectacular, regardless of what it's there for.  The Pope's just a bloke.  Architecture is cool.
You have an opportunity to show just how awesome atheists are without God. Polite, friendly, happy...etc. Give them a reason to say 'Oh atheists are good without God'. The biggest smile and the warmest heart amongst them all is the ultimate in a situation like that.

No I think. He propagates dogma all over the world. He stands for 

  • Woman not being allowed to be ministers or priests 
  • Against the abortion
  • Preaching hatred against gays and denying any posts in his church
  • On stopping the use of condoms in poor countries and leading to spread of AIDS, etc 
  • In covering up child sex abusers by maintaining the separate records for priests who violate kids

And many more I cannot think of......

Go.   Information is never wasted.  You will learn a lot.  I will be taking a trip to Italy this summer as well.  My husband is an ancient Roman History Buff.  While we are not believers, there's a ton of history to be appreciated.
Ask a question- deep and penatrating- the Inquistion can't touch you anymore- ask him about that or his record on child abuse and his help in covering that up?????? Ask him about the persecution of everyone that didn't believe when the had absolute power to kill, torture, silence all disent and learning???? Ask why he needs a pope-mobile w/ bullet proof glass???? What a great deal of faith he has????
I'd usually say theres no way you should be honoured to meet the pope, but on the other hand, you should be grateful because a portion of the people who do get to meet the pope, were forced through several years of ass rape to get that kind of an audience. It makes you wonder though, a few years of ass penetration for one simple visit, what do you have to do to get dinner and movies with him???

You should be smart and use it to make money.

Can't ya just picture the ad - EBay: ring that touched His HappyTrailNess $999999.99.


Oh yeah,  make it a "Straight" ring, big cross, crucifix, etc.

Be polite, have pic taken of the meeting for Ebay postin'.

for your  infinite motivation please let someone take a picture  with the both of you :)

we're Onepeople...Questions? how's that for reaching out?

No, you should NOT be honoured. Would you be honoured to meet Charles Manson? No. Would you be honoured to meet pedophiles? No. Myself, I would NEVER consider it an honour to meet a man who condones murder and pedophilia. Ratzinger should be in jail. The church is just a business that takes peoples' money and gives them nothing in return. They just want to control people especially women. The dope, as I call him, deserves nothing.


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