The reason why I ask is that I am attending a school sponsored trip to Italy and my teacher who knows a guy at the Vatican was able to get an audience with the Pope. Being an atheist, I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place;' because being an atheist the Pope stands for all I stand against, but on the other hand this is a rare opportunity. This question really reaches out to the ex-catholics in the community, for I am one as well and wish to get your opinion in the matter. So personally I will take the opportunity in stride, but I still wish to hear from you all on the matter.

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Ex-Catholic here as well. Honored... Definitely not! I think it would be interesting to go none-the-less. The architecture is probably amazing in person. But I must ask... Does your teacher or your classmates know about your Atheism? If so, it could be a fun opportunity to as some tough questions (provided you get to do anything other than stand in the same room with no real interaction). Obviously you don't want to do anything that would get you thrown out or arrested, but I'm sure there are many ways you could have fun with it.
My teachers, no but some of my friends who just so happen to be going know I am but for the most part my classmates do not know that I am. I would like to ask tough questions as well, and be able to walk away unscathed. But I think interesting is a good way to put it, so thank you for your input.
Ask awkward questions about pedophiles.
"Excuse me sir, where do you keep your altar boys?"

Ex-catholic here: The pope's an idiot.  He should be honored to be allowed to be near kids.


If you get a chance to ask questions, ask one about condoms v. AIDS in Africa.

I would really like to be kept updated on how your trip goes.
I don't know what you should be.  Do what you want.  Personally, I wouldn't piss on the "Holy See" if he were on fire.  The Catholic church, and the Vatican in particular, is one of the most corrupt and immoral organizations in the world.  With pious pride they contribute to the suffering and deaths of millions of people.  I loathe all organized religions, but I hold a special sort of contempt for the Vatican and its strange collection of aged, "celibate" men.
Reggie, I love reading your well thought out responses. /claps/
Thank you for the kind words!
I agree with Sophie who agrees with Reggie.
Dude. You have a great opportunity here. Wear your favorite Think Atheist T-shirt underneath a button shirt. Then when it’s time to meet the pope……..

If you look young enough, you'll have his attention for sure! Until he sees your shirt underneath, that is..


On the other hand, he may try to have your shirt confiscated, so.. er, think that through.


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