The reason why I ask is that I am attending a school sponsored trip to Italy and my teacher who knows a guy at the Vatican was able to get an audience with the Pope. Being an atheist, I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place;' because being an atheist the Pope stands for all I stand against, but on the other hand this is a rare opportunity. This question really reaches out to the ex-catholics in the community, for I am one as well and wish to get your opinion in the matter. So personally I will take the opportunity in stride, but I still wish to hear from you all on the matter.

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An honour? no. Interesting? Most definitely.

By the way, try to be on the news, as in : "make it exceptional". (nutshot, etc.)

I'll cheer for you from my sofa.

it would be an interesting experience..honored? not as much as you would be if you were going rock climbing or touring  the wall of china.

I'd be no more honored to meet the pope than I was at meeting Dr. Jonas Salk when I was a kid. I met him before I had any appreciation for what he did, so it was kind of a non-notable day. 


I will agree with what was said above: architecture is cool. I see the Vatican City on TV all the time and think it would just be a really cool place to drive around. Pretend it's for some other use, like a public university or something. 

Thank you all for your input and I have read all of your comments! If anyone else wants to add to this forum I will be more than happy to read and respond to your comments as well! You all have given me a lot to think about!

I would enquire as to what the audience actually involved.  I'd wager it's something quite impersonal and generic.  As a matter of personal philosophy, I won't show deference or any sign of submission to any person, deity or idol without due reason.  This means that I will not bow my head nor kneel before any authority that has not earned my respect. That rules out pretty much everything to do with religion, especially anything to do with the Pope.


If the audience required any such thing, I would decline and inform the appropriate teacher of my reservations well in advance.  Sometimes that pisses people off and it results in a fight, but I always seem to win that fight in the end, so I'm cool with it.


If I am invited as a guest, I will generally either toe the line of the terms of the invitation (provided they are clear), or decline it civilly.  That's my choice and my right.  Keep in mind that your behavior during the audience will reflect on your teacher and also on her connection who provided this opportunity.

The teacher is a guy... :P
I think he should get a sex change so that I don't have to suffer the inconvenience of being incorrect.
Haha, I will talk to him about it.
Bring a loaded gun and do the world a favor.

They'd just replace him with a new Pope.  It's not the man that makes the Papacy; it's the big ugly hats.


Pimpin' Vatican style:




Then each pope needs to start getting assassinated until one steps up and actually decides to change things. I think that would happen sooner or later if they all start becoming fearful.

Sorry to be so brash but I really wouldn't give 2 cents to stop someone from doing it. The pope makes himself a target which is precisely why they are driven around in a bulletproof vehicle.

So no , I would not be honored to meet the lunacy. I would make the greatest effort to spit in his face.

No idea, but they probably have mind scanners to make sure you don't ask legitimate questions lol



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