Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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Should Nuns have IVF? And if they do is the conception immaculate?
Oh, good. Yet another discussion about what gays should or should not be allowed to do. I'm glad these discussions come up every once in a while. Otherwise, I might start to think that I have actual rights. It's good to be reminded that I am simply "allowed" to do something if enough straight people think it's okay.

I am also very gratified to know that there are studies which show that children raised by same-sex parents turn out okay. Although, I do sometimes wonder about the dumbfuck rednecks who live in the trailer park down the road. I doubt they needed to have a study performed before they were "allowed" to have kids. Also, they often seem incapable of forming a coherent sentence, so I would be very surprised to find that they were granted the opportunity to procreate by winning a debate.

Yes, I know. Now, I'm just being silly. Of course they can procreate as often as they please. They are straight, after all. For a minute there, I guess I forgot my place. Please forgive my impudence. It's late, and I'm tired.

I guess I'll go to sleep now. If that's okay with everyone. Hmmm. Maybe this could be the next topic which is up for debate. Gay sleepy time: deadly menace or harmless fun?

I love you!

Awesome response!!!
Of course Gays/Lesbians should be able to have IVF.

Ask your bigoted friends this: should widowed parents whose spouses died in, say, the war in Iraq, be subject to have their kids taken from them because they no longer have a mother and a father? What, pray tell, is the difference?
IVF is for people who are incapable of having children through natural means, I think that makes homosexuals a perfect candidate.
When wars and governments stop depriving children of a parent, then let them bring it up for discussion again.
Can they pay for it? Can they provide a child with a loving, stable home? Then I don't see why not. Why does this get to be someone else's choice? Human rights, anyone?
NO such thing as human rights, Thats another myth perpetrated by corrupt governments and leaders. All we have are privileges granted by the sate. Me I think the state should keep to doing things for people that they cant do for themselves. I think people are quite capable of deciding for themselves if they should have children and the method they choose to conceive and birth.
Its got FA to do with anybody else.

There are way to many people around these days who want to tell others what they can and can't do. Eventually people will get so pissed off with it all there will be violence!
There is such thing as human rights - human rights are ideas of how people should be treated by their governments and by fellow human beings... there are no such thing as inalienable/god given/absolute human rights since as you said the state/government can either protect them or take them away in certain circumstances and since what we consider human rights change from time to time.
they are not rights since they can be taken away at any time by the government as evidenced by the patriot act. They are just privileges that are spun as rights.

more lies from the liars in power.
"Can they provide a child with a loving, stable home?"

Since when did that make any difference. Any woman of child birthing age can get herself knocked up when ever she feels like it. Why should things be different just because of sexual orientation. Why does anybody need somebody elses permission at all? Are we living in China now????


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