Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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one word to those doctors who pry - "adoption".

Whatever brings joy to your fellow human being, and you know it won't affect your own safety, you have to give that happiness to them. Adoption works too, you know.
Yes, all humans are equal and should have the same rights. If a child is required to have both a mother and father then we better start finding foster homes for all unwed mothers and single parents who lost a spouse. I feel sorry for all the widows of war veterans to have to loose their kids after loosing their husbands or wives.
Put it this way... if Nadya Suleman can have 8 kids in one shot... anyone should be allowed to use IVF.
I don't give a rats ass about her body, I hope she dies young for what she put the kids through.

Yes I am an ass.
I think the only reason it's frowned upon is that it is 'different'. Given the scenario of a single (caring) mother, kids generally wouldn't realize anything was missing until observing the structure of more traditional families. Same with kids who have gay/lesbian parents. No one should have to worry about what other people think of them. Nobody's family is perfect - nobody gets to throw the first stone.

Same with adoption by same-sex couples. Would mainstream people prefer that those poor kids be left to languish in the system?
well there are many households that have a mother and a father that abuse their children in way way or another but I have yet to read an article yet where a gay couple beat their kids to death or lock there children in closets and the kids starve to death............etc etc etc

i think anyone or couple who wants a child to love them and guide them should have children if they want and can provide for them. gay, straight, black, white
the gender of the parents is unimportant
Why not? As I see it, the only great problem with them being able to do that is the overpopulation issue, which heterosexualls contribute just as much to just as much per kid as homosexualls. And we give hetero infertile people it don't we?

As I see it also, homo's are very rarely these conservative nutcase parents who don't allow their kids to prosper. Likely out of an understanding for how it is to have parents that tell kids to be something they aren't. As do I think for gay adoptions. The reality of it is they are, in general, likely to make better parents than hetero's. And I think we should let them do that if they want to.

Why should a kid have a mother and a father rather than just two parents? I thought it was just the amount of love and understanding we are able to give them that makes a good family scructure...
Also, no one said anything when I was partly raised at my single mothers, nor my single fathers that what it's really about or are they just selfish because they aren't gay themselves?
This is a no brainer. The answer is yes.

You should be asking:

Should Christians, Muslims and all other people sucked into religious delusion be allowed to have IVF?
In fact should we give IVF to any person with such a seriously flawed view of reality?
"a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father"
Are these people morons? Have they not heard of single parents? Have they not heard of orphans?
Try saying something like?
Then punch them in the face and never speak to them again.
And in states where they do allow adoption but no marriage the parents actually have to go through the adoption process twice, once for each parent.


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