Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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You know something I just realized. WHAT THE F***
Who are these people that think they can dictate what everybody else does with their lives. Ask them how they feel about your opinion that anybody with an IQ equal to or lower than theirs was not allowed to BREED! Ask them how they feel about you starting a government lobby for this and doing fundraising with big names all over the country to get this written in to law.

This is getting ridiculous..
A wise man once said: The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves -- in their separate, and individual capacities.
ABE LINCOLN--July 1, 1854 [?] Fragment on Government

How is this legitimate in any form?

If they keep pushing the gates will explode.
I totally understand you . And when I said explode I think I mean me and the millions of others like me.. Yes.. MILLIONS.
Its already happening in Britain (thats a part of the reason I left) but its covered up very effectively. I've seen council offices stormed violence breaking out in social security offices, police being attacked in city centers, spontaneous riots breaking out in council estates.
And the surprising thing is its Britain.. the country where nobody ever does anything, well that was the case up until about 10 years ago.

When the dollar finally collapses we will be in for some fun!
I wish people would get their heads out of the fantasy clouds of the picture perfect family of a mom, a dad and 2.5 kids with the picket fence. My partner and I have a foster son. He is her "crack head" sister's son. I don't have to tell you how she got pregnant but for the same reason did it twice! The second child was adopted out. Very unfortunate. We had at one time wanted to go to the IVF route but found it quite expensive with our social worker salaries. My son is 2 and he has no cares for what role belongs to which caretaker. I find it quite surprising that he ended up with us (being two women) because his "christ filled" grandmother ( who years ago, kicked my partner out of her house once she found out she was gay )could not be trusted with his safety. For example, our foster son was visiting his grandmother when his birth mother came to "visit" (against court order) she took him and was missing for more than 24 hours. So according to the judge, we are more appropriate for him. We love him to pieces. He's healthy, spoiled, loved and happy. And so are we. lol.
Lucky little man!
If there is a "need" in a child to have a Mother and a Father, the only argument with any evidence that can't easily be denied is nothing but cold scientific data, and parenthood to my strong belief cannot be put to a science. If there is a phsycological effect on a child due to the fact that the parents are the same gender, it isn't anyones right to say whether or not that influence is good or bad.

You should get one of those "electrocution collars" they use on dogs, you might be able to train them to think before they speak.

On a certain level, I think I can agree with your friends that it's beneficial, nay necessary for a child to have influences from people of both sexes. Your friends however, are probably a little misguided in their opinion that these influences are only available from the people who a child is raised by. It's that old saying "it takes a village to raise a child" not just the parents.


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