Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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Homosexual couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples as far as I'm concerned.

There is absolutely no evidence that children require both a male and female parent in order to grow up healthy and happy. While I do feel that its important for a child to have positive role models of both genders, kids can easily look to other family members, teachers, counselors, or family friends for guidance when needed. This holds true for children of single parents as well.

As a child of a nasty divorce and then of a single father, I can say that I absolutely believe that a stable household with at least one loving parental figure is FAR more important than having two parents of opposite gender in an unstable or dysfunctional relationship. A loving, trusting relationship between parent(s) and child is key. Having parents with differing sexual organs is not.

Another favorite argument is that gay parents equal a gay child. If this were the case, no heterosexual couple would ever have gay children, and this (obviously) isn't true.

Enough people on this planet, I'm against all IVF! Why can't we just take care of the kids without parents instead of drooling at the tought of seeing 'little me's', it is so bloody egothistical.
Touche! I am inclined to agree with you. I plan to adopt, myself, should I ever have the inclination to try my hand at parenting.
Agreed. The last thing the world needs is more children when there are plenty out there who aren't being taken care of.
There was a news blurd tonight on CBC about the city of Richmond BC banning sales of puppies in pet shops. To some this may appear strange, but after serious investigations, they found that all puppies sold in pet shops were from puppy mills. So in a consolidated effort to eradicate puppy mills and pet misery through overpopulation, banning pet sales in pet shops are but one facet.

The fact is that we have a generalised case of pet overpopulation and getting fixed before being sold is an essential component of controlling the population. Why are we humans capable of reducing animal misery induced by overpopulation, yet so many humans are blind or refuse to see our own over population!

I have known only 5 men and barely more women who have been "fixed" including myself, I can only hope this will become more commonplace.

The lunacy of IVF is that it is now going to be covered by provincial health insurance plans, as if our healthcare system isn't strained enough already, without having to satisfy the whimsies of egothistical parent wannabes. It makes me boil inside!
The reason people don't see human overpopulation as a problem is a purely emotional response. They are so worried about this fetus and that fetus that they can't think on a global scale.

Interestingly enough, I attempted to have myself "fixed" three years ago, since I have a heart condition and having children would be dangerous for me. I was turned away by four different doctors. They refused to perform the operation due to my age and the fact that I hadn't had children previously. But that's another topic entirely.

I started requesting sterilisation at the age of 14! Obviously my request was not acquiessed to! Then my mom, out of teen pregnancy paranoia, coerced me onto the pill, in exchange for not living a prison life, I pondered it for 3 whole months! Then I gave in and said OK, I'll take the pill. At that point, I had only kissed a guy once, I was still in my tomboy phase and not thinking of sexual activity other than with myself or in dream fantasies. Then between the age of 28 and 30, using contraceptives, I was pregnant three times, yeah I know sucks! I spent nights punching myself and stepping in front of cars trying to get hit because getting an abortion past the 12th week was nearly impossible. The 2nd abortion was badly done and caused endometriosis, the third one was went without a hitch. So the day I showed up at my doctors at age 32 I said: Your medical patriarchal BS has caused me to have three abortions, I put that death and pain squarely on your plate! What does a woman have to do in this patriarchal reproduction obsessed society in order to demonstrate she does not want to procreate!!!!! He answered will next week do? And that was that. It is one of the reasons I distrust the medical system, whether conventional or woo, both are imbued with male pretense and chest thumping and profit and greed. But that's another topic entirely! ;)
It has been a major component of my being a feminist, the right to control our reproductive choices, and it is a battle we are nowhere close to winning. Men, well at least the men that matter, think of us still to this day as baby machines.
It's awful that you had to go through all that to exercise your own reproductive rights. I was told by two of the doctors that I "couldn't possibly be sure that you will never want children!" and by a third that "It just isn't done unless you've had a child." This after a cardiologist told me that becoming pregnant would most likely end with a stroke, a coma, or death. *sigh* Ridiculous.

Even if this desire were true... Is the modern medical establishment not able to replace practically any organ, redesign genitalia to please cosmetic preferences?

Tubal ligation (tho I chose cauterisation which is more final) is 99% reversible, and it's actually only 99% effective at preventing pregnancies, just as vasectomies are 95% reversible and could reach complete reversibility with a little political will power... But NOOOOO, we'll have the state pay for incredibly expensive IVF in order to perpetuate our paternalistic infatuation with population expansion, but the state refuses to aquiess a woman's reasonable and considered reproductive decisions... it is mindblowing!

I suggest you be relentless with the doctors you encounter, change if you have to, but do not give in to their dominion! and if you did happen to change your mind in 10-20 yrs, then, no problem, they can do that too!
I've been considering getting a vasectomy for a while now. What's stopping me? *Health Insurance* ye old buggaboo!!! I like to tease my stepmother that I'm going to get a vasectomy, because she finds it to be a rash decision being that I'm only twenty-five.

Personally, I feel like having kids should be a little challenging. If I change my mind and really want children of my own later I can do that. I don't think it's fair or right to ask my girlfriend to go on the pill, fuck up her hormones, interfere with her cycle, when neither of us want children and the problem can be solved with a snip. Can't wait for insurance!
Thanks Ryan for your story, many more men should speak out on this topic.


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