Should Gays/Lesbians be able to have IVF? (In vitro fertilisation wiki link for more info) Why or why not? 

I am all for it. Although, the reason why I ask is because a few of my friends say the child should have a mother and father. This drives me crazy! 

How would you address that response?

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certainly. It was proven that children from same sex parents are equally successful in life as children from a traditional family.
Yes, of course! Equal rights FTW.
Are there any high profile criminals who come from LGBT households? Serial killers, rapists, theives, etc.... I can't think of any...
I do think that gays and lesbians should have the same rights as anyone, including IVF. I also hold the viewpoint that a father figure(or mother if we are talking about two men) is something that is very important in any child's life regardless of his or her sex. I am however not saying that the child will be more or less successful, or turn out to be a pedophile or anything bad... I just think each gender brings a different kind of compassion when it comes to loving they're children (i.e. the nurturing mother, or the dad who practices tough love, which are just a couple of examples). So I think that both male and female influences can effect the child differently, but I have no problem with IVF or two same sex people raising a child whatsoever.
I'd rather see people (of all orientations) who want children adopt than choose IFV.

Since IFV is available I think that gays and lesbians should also have access to the technology in the same way a straight person does. What a child really needs is at least one loving supportive parent to have the best chance of being a successful adult in human society. There is absolutely no difference physically, mentally, emotionally between a child raised by a same sex couple, a child raised by opposite sex couples, or a child raised by a stable single parent. I work with children from all types of families. The children who I see struggling the most are those who do not have any stable parents or guardians in their lives.
Sure!, why not?.. lotss of childes out there are getting brought up by, a widow and her mother or sisters, I suppose.
Thanks for Johnny he could write a perfect answer to this first.. same came to my mind as soon as I read the question
Nice topic, Salute ;)
Personally, I don't ever want kids, but ... enh... I don't know. From my view, I kinda don't understand why people - if they did want kids that badly - would go through all that medical bother (all the treatments and hormones and complications and potential failures, not to mention the bodily damage done if it succeeds!) and expense just so they could have a sprog, when there are so many other kids out there who are already born and alive and need families.

IF I were to ever change my mind (highly unlikely, but let's just talk in the hypothetical) and wanted kids, I'd adopt.

But if other people want to go through all that junk and throw one more person to this mess, they can knock themselves out.
They should definately have the right to do it, but personally I think it would be better to adopt. I can understand the want to have biological children, but there are so many children out there already who don't have families. Some kids are never adopted, and when they turn 18 the government doesn't take care of them anymore. But yeah, I don't know of any valid reasons why the lgbt community shouldn't be able to have IVF, or adopt for that matter.
I say GO FOR IT! ^_^
Why not? As long as the child gets love, affection, attention, and proper [but nonabusive] discipline, then sure! Also, I would advise the gay or lesbian couple [just as I would advise any heterosexual couple] to make sure that they have the necessary funds to care and raise for the child... as well as... if this is their choice... plans on starting that child's college fund. [highly recommended!]
Of course... it should be noted that [although it is unfair... it's biology people!]... a couple of gay men who want the child to have the dna of one of the fathers WILL have to pay more for the fertilization, gestation, and birth than a lesbian couple who wants the child to have one of the mother's dna.

IVF and syrogets are NOT cheap... keep that in mind of course! Sadly... biology says that a lesbian couple will usually only need to purchase the sperm from the sperm bank and then pay for the IVF...

The male will need all this... [replace sperm donation with egg donation] AND a syrogette to carry the child.... which will cost more.
As I said... this stuff is not cheap ;_; [so if any of you singles or gays/ lesbians are interested in this... start saving!]
Pretty simply: equal rights for everybody.

If you frame it that way, it's very hard to claim a moral high ground restricting rights for some people and not others. If a straight single woman can get it (which they can), a lesbian single woman should be able to get it, or a lesbian couple, etc. Make them confess to their own bigotry and step out from behind their flowery language.
I can think of no logical reason why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to utilize IVF just like any heterosexual couple would.
There are single women out there who use this method to have a child, right?
Having two parents might be the imagined "ideal", but America has had many? single parent households.
And what about the children who have a parent die when they are an infant?
Single parenthood should not be an issue, nor should
your sexual preference keep one from having a child if one is wanted.
Just need the money and Love.


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