As an American and an atheist I am both disturbed and disgusted by the hearings going on in Congress.  Rep. Peter King is doing nothing more then adding fuel to the fire of Glenn Beck and his flock. Shouldn't we as atheists come out against this in a most vocal way? If Rep. King feels that Muslims are a threat, then Christians, Jews and Atheists should be investigated as well. What are you thoughts in regards to this?

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No.  Not as such.  We shouldn't stand up for anyone that wants to kill us.  By the same token, however, we shouldn't stand up for most other religious groups either.


What we should do is use this as an opportunity to point out that the religion of those holding these "hearings" isn't much better, if any.  The big difference between the two is that the Christians have had to learn to be more subtle because they have had to live in multi-religious societies for so long. 


We should demand hearings into why there is discrimination against non-believers and why we have such obviously un-Constitutional laws and activities in the U.S.

Many posters in this discussion are distinguishing between the people and the religion.  I agree with that, but one point that has always bothered me about Christians also bothers me about Muslims.  If the religion itself is hostile to non-believers and their rights, then how can these supposedly decent people belong to it?  After all, as I mentioned before, these religions are not races, people can choose to leave them.
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