As an American and an atheist I am both disturbed and disgusted by the hearings going on in Congress.  Rep. Peter King is doing nothing more then adding fuel to the fire of Glenn Beck and his flock. Shouldn't we as atheists come out against this in a most vocal way? If Rep. King feels that Muslims are a threat, then Christians, Jews and Atheists should be investigated as well. What are you thoughts in regards to this?

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Hi Robert, interesting discussion which made me think a lot. Caveat: as a non-resident of the US I haven't read the news on this, but I imagine what it goes like.


So... I think that we are confronted with two different things here. I agree with most posters it is bad to single out one religion to condemn (even one group of it). But this is the same as the "profiling" in airports!


Like someone said brilliantly: I am going to put two planes to go from NY to London. To board one, you do equal profiling to grandmas and 5-year-old kids, and Jewish and Muslims and Buddhists; to get on the other, you do racial profiling - ie you take more time searching Muslims and people who look like Muslims (disgusting, I know). The question is (wait for it): which one would you choose for your family and you to fly? Come on, be honest.


Because this is what I find is the basic problem of many arguments of people who consider themselves left-of-centre (not specifically yours, Robert): they are based on intentions and not on reality. Intentions say "it's bad to single out people, bad, bad bad". But reality shows there are people out there who are ready and prepared to die, to kill YOU. And yes; most of them are Muslims. So why not take the extra time to protect us?


I hope the analogy works for you!

I think muslim community has to address the violent messages in Quran that call for killing of non believers. And also if someone criticizes islam there are death sentences against them Molly Morris, Danish cartoonist they all have to go into hiding and forced to give up any semblance of normal life how is it right? What is needed is separation of religion and state. Other thing we should stand up for is freedom of speech for everyone. Spreading hatred against any community is wrong but again all communities have to face and discuss existing hate filled messages in Quran, Bible or any other forums for that matter.
They are hypocrites because they don't advocate for separation of church and state, they advocate for a theocracy under christianity.   The dimwits don't realize how complete separation of church and state protects them.    This hatred will do nothing but create more radicals on both sides.

I try to stand-up for any beings of good-brains
and anyone that does say "The truth will set you free," I'll show them this.



Atheists should stand up for Muslims as people but should not stand up for their ridiculous beliefs.
I believe that as supposedly rational human beings it is our obligation to call out bullshit in all of its guises. The blatent hate-mongering that Rep. King is spreading clearly falls into this category.
I really like this idea. Education should shine a light on all the varied interpretations and contradictions, teaching reason and critical thinking along the way. Why isn't education doing that already?
Perhaps we should target Christian schools and demand they teach 'alternative theories' on God - including Zeus and whatnot.
I wonder how difficult this would be, legally. That is exactly what is needed. Does the government have any say-so in curriculum guidelines for private learning? What about home-schooled children? What if they wre teaching kids that 2+2=12? I'm betting there is no government meddling, but if the religious folks can make sure religious options to science exist in public schools. ......then they should be required do the converse. Either that or they need to take ALL religious theory out of public education.
There's something about learning about all religions that makes one take a step back and examine their own illogical beliefs.  I wish they would have a unit on every religious belief in the public schools.

In the US, the schools aren't allowed to be worried about education anymore, just standardized test scores. :/


It would be a lovely thing though.

No.  Not as such.  We shouldn't stand up for anyone that wants to kill us.  By the same token, however, we shouldn't stand up for most other religious groups either.


What we should do is use this as an opportunity to point out that the religion of those holding these "hearings" isn't much better, if any.  The big difference between the two is that the Christians have had to learn to be more subtle because they have had to live in multi-religious societies for so long. 


We should demand hearings into why there is discrimination against non-believers and why we have such obviously un-Constitutional laws and activities in the U.S.


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