As an American and an atheist I am both disturbed and disgusted by the hearings going on in Congress.  Rep. Peter King is doing nothing more then adding fuel to the fire of Glenn Beck and his flock. Shouldn't we as atheists come out against this in a most vocal way? If Rep. King feels that Muslims are a threat, then Christians, Jews and Atheists should be investigated as well. What are you thoughts in regards to this?

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Very interesting post Robert!

I am amazed how gentle are you Jewish atheists!

Yeah Robert, most people whom are receiving haterd are muslims...It's not their fault for sure..

If I have to stand up for Muslims, I'll stand up for the peaceful ones whom are the majority btw.

and about those the muslim radicals I'll be against them for sure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making an excuse for the religion of Islam which is the most violent by far. My argument is for the rights of every American believer or not to be treated equally.  In a time of financial crisis, when programs like social security and medicaid and medicare are being thrown into the mix of possible cuts, how in the heck does a hearing like this serve any purpose both morally and financially. It is an attempt to get our focus away from the plundering of the middle class. I find it reprehensible.


ps - Jewish atheist? I renounced my jewdiasm years ago so I take offense to that remark ;-). How did you know I had it in my background?

Sigh. I know this but nevertheless it just saddens me where this country is and is heading. We knew when the repubs got the majority all hell (as fictional as it is) would break loose. 400 americans make more than 50 percent of the entire population and you're right, smoke and mirrors is their hope more people don't notice. Perhaps I am wrong to give the attention it doesn't deserve but it makes me so irate i couldn't help it.

I got your idea Robert.

and about your background I knew it from your photo :)

Btw, I'm from the Middle East.. I know the Middle Eastren appearance.

"Most violent" ? at this point in history?- let's not forget 300+ years of the Inquisition and 2000 years of violent christianity, and every other intolerant religious belief (which they have to be) that is why it's a religion. They have to be intolerant of other beliefs- how else can you be the one "true" religion- I'm right and you go to hell. That is the basis of every religion- to save you from that wrong belief or kill you because you deny their "true" belief.

I stand up for them to have that belief- but I deny, fight against your belief to make my belief or definate lack there of a crime as well- or to stop progress in science, medicine, understanding or the REAL world.


Wow, really interesting and scary charts Nelson. Again I don't want the forum to be confused, I am a fervent anti-theist in every sense of the word.  But hate is hate whether it's from the Church of God or from Rep. Peter King, I guess i expect too much from our elected officials too much being basic sensibilities that is.


Hope as Garfield says "I resemble that remark"!

Wow, really interesting charts Nelson,

Maybe I thought that way because I'm surrounded moderate Muslims..

or because I didn't met extremist Muslims before.

Thank you.

It is the right for every person in this country to practice peacefully. 


I am a very harsh critic of Islam, and all abrahamic religions, but I do not think it is correct to marginalize people in this way. It's religious favoritism. If Mr. King were a non-believer who did not give verbal support to the Irish Republican Army along with who knows what else, maybe nothing (although I don't believe it), then I would be a little more willing to listen. But seeing as he's a Christian Republican hypocrite (as if there were any other kind of Christian Republican), I prefer to think of him has Charlie Brown's teacher: *womp womp womp womp womp*

I prefer to think of him has Charlie Brown's teacher: *womp womp womp womp womp* lol so true

here's my take ,

Theism is on its  way out globally , hurrying the process  or otherwise fueling controversy will " rock the boat" . Let's focus on what muslims can bring to the table as well as other religions to impact our  world positively . Help me help you . It would behoove an atheist to be openminded  to coverage . Theist of any kind are shooting themselves in the foot daily , let's hope  reporters stay eloquent and atheist in thought and action.

leaving footnotes in no uncertain terms seems the least controversial response currently .

One people (...) oi!

I think that if they insist on this course of action, they also need to have a hearing on 'radicalized' christians. There have been far more "domestic terrorists" out of the U.S. that identified as christians than there have been muslim ones.  Its unfair to single out Islam when Christianity is just as violent.

Er... Lindsey, you'll find that currently Islam is a *bit* more violent than Christianity. I am "violently" anti-theist, but you *cannot* put both religions side by side when it comes to violence. One prescribes violence and holy war; the other one doesn't (that some fanatics have done it in the distant past in its name is not the same).


Pls read the charts posted above in this discussion. Islam is the most violent religion. Period.


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