I was watching the TV and this lady claimed to speak to angels. This was taken seriously by Dr. Oz, who claimed to be a man of science. The lady proceed to speak with the doctors angels and told him of all kinds of things that he was astounded by. Then she started to speak to the audience in the same way. what troubled me was that she was pretty good. I have seen James Randi debunking psychics and understand the techniques. What troubles me is either the audience and Dr. Oz was in on it or i don't know what. I dont believe in this stuff and i bothers me when it is shown like this.They also talked about the brain scans of people who are praying and how active the brain becomes, but that means nothing. Prayer might have some benefits but that does not mean that anything external is receiving the prayer. Just felt like a con job. Any thoughts or insight?

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What was this lady saying exactly? Was this today? I've seen some things where it's like a 5 year old boy saw angels help him get from underneath a garage door or something. It was astounding that a boy his age described the experience in such detail but humans are very psychological. Maybe the lady is good at reading faces and some people are actually kind of good at that. But I'm very sure she can't do that with everyone in every given situation. That's the thing right there. Or maybe because she seems so convinced that she is hearing things that you just can't help but believe her a little.

"There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn't there." -Thomas Hardy

It was today. Dr. Oz is supposed to be about health. He does look at natural and holistic medicine which can be pseudoscience but this was taking it a little too far. I've seen people doing cold reading but she seemed to be bang on. I can't believe that they would stage it and loose all credibility, although you see it on shows all the time. Like Deepak Chopra on Opra with his new age mambo jumbo. What worries me here is she claims to be talking to the people who have passed on. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence! 

Was Dr. Oz confirming the things that she was saying? I used to not mind Oprah and Dr. Oz but now they just annoy me every time I hear the name. Oprah is a woman who went through hard times in the past and now has made billions and talks about faith. She is the type of person who tries to tell you how to live your life in order to be better. I know she donates and such which doesn't make me resent her as much due to her faith talk and such.

Dr. Oz on the other hand is supposed to be like a psychologist right? Hasn't he heard of something called CONFIDENTIALLITY?! He basically gets people on stage in front of an audience and on national television while talking about their problems. I know that the people on stage weren't forced to go but it's just something messed up when someone's personal issues are seen on TV. He also tells them things like "What is wrong with you?!" and all of these other aggressive comments that doesn't help them. On top of all of that, he makes lots of money off of the shows he does. I don't like what he does, I really don't. Can you imagine how people on the show live afterwards? Like all of that stress and unnecessary humiliation must have some effect on them. :(

The usual religion re nonsese claptrap

I have seen James Randi debunking psychics and understand the techniques. What troubles me is either the audience and Dr. Oz was in on it or i don't know what.

You nailed it right here, Chris. Oz rakes in ten times as much cash as a snake oiler on TV than he ever did as as a piddly cardiothoracic surgeon or college professor.

Oz is a skilled, professional liar. Don't waste your time.

"The Pigasus Award for Refusal to Face Reality goes to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Harvard-trained cardiologist who hosts The Dr. Oz Show on broadcast television, one of the most popular syndicated television shows in America. The only person to have won a Pigasus Award two years in a row, he wins a third time this yearfor his continued promotion of quack medical practices, paranormal belief and pseudoscience, including pseudoscientific Reparative Therapy to "cure" gay people, the “energy-healing practice” of Reiki as a way to cure disease, various TV psychics and mediums such as Theresa Caputo and John Edward, faith healers such as "John of God," GMO conspiracy theories, and any number of new quack diets, herbal remedies, anti-aging cures, and untested “wonder drugs,” among many other pseudoscientific and paranormal claims." -James Randi

Thanks, I love James Randi. Never saw this one. Puts me at ease now. Just didn't want to think relatives that had passed on or angels watched some of the crazy stuff I do in bed with wife.LOL

Try not to watch any shows like this and encourage your friends not to either.

Good advice! LOL It just happened to be on and i could not believe my eyes. I'm usually watching people get Hitchslaped on youtube instead.


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