I just recently came across a video showing a group of hooded Muslims, or 'Sharia Police' walking around in area's taking alcohol of people and telling women to cover up. Some footage shows a cyclist after being in an accident and they blame it on the fact he isn't following the Muslim way of life. 

I think this is completely wrong and screwed up but I want to see your opinions.

And more so has anyone every heard of something like this even been attempted in the USA?

This is the link anyway: Muslim Police

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Sorry Logicallunatic but "breeding" is a term I reserve (and I believe is fairly commonly reserved) for controlling the genetic traits of animal off-spring.  To use the term for human families is dehumanising at least but I would consider it conflagratory.

Aw come down off your PC high horse would you please. It's just a word which can apply to any group, race or religion. And no, my source wasn't the BNP, a racist group that I despise. Why would you automatically assume that? Do you think anyone who uses the word 'breeding' in a context other than genetics is getting their sources from the BNP? Try to take a deep breath and think in future before you jump to false conclusions. 

Why has PC become a perjorative term?  I'm not overly PC but if you are going to discuss something you should realise that some terms are offensive and others not. 

The BNP, whom you claim to despise, use the term "breeding" when referring to non-whites, but rarely, if ever, when referring to whites. Given that their current obsession is with Muslims, that is where they tend to use the term, e.g. http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/islam-and-racism.

I've bred dogs, and the Nazi party in 1940s Germany tried to breed perferct Aryans.

The term "breeding" when referring to humans has dehumanising connotations.

If you really don't mean to give offence, take a deep breath, open your thesaurus and think about what word's may or may not give offence and to what degree before uttering them, writing them or typing them.

Why has PC become a pejorative term? 

PC means selecting language that minimizes the chances of unintentionally being misunderstood as intentionally giving offense. The concept began on college campuses. Faculty and staff were facing increasingly diverse student populations and needed to communicate effectively and without distraction with these multiple audiences.

The political right-- hostile to education and contemptuous of diversity-- found the concept so utterly alien they began to trumpet it as a form of liberal thought control. But it worked, more or less.

So the GOP hijacked and proclaimed disingenuous the PC concept in the 1990s. Thus the term 'politically incorrect' appeared as the "answer": not caring who you offend and not educating yourself as to why offense might be taken.

It' a bit weird, it's llike saying "we shouldn't have to censor ourselves when we speak", but you wouldn't use the German/Norse derived English word for vulva when you're chatting with your grandma, so we all do censor, it's just to what degree and in what context.

Some people seem to think that it's not necessary to censor themselves when they discuss racial/immigration issues despite the long history of dehumanisation.

Why has PC become a perjorative term?  I'm not overly PC but if you are going to discuss something you should realise that some terms are offensive and others not. 

Some minority people take real offense and some use anything they can misinterpret as an offense as a way to tease and/or embarrass the more empowered.

I remember when the word "niggardly" caused a big flap. The word means stingy as in "He's stingy when it comes to donation to charities." Unfortunately, it resembles an offensive word.

No one should use words like "nigger," "queer" (when referring to a person), "kike," "spic," or "cracker" (when referring to a person) except in a direct quotation or bracketed by quotation marks for an instructive or academic purpose. Well, blacks have claimed the word "nigger" for their own as have gays with the word "queer."

I think any sensitive person can see how misuse of those words can offend. Also, certain stereotypes can offend ("White men can't jump," "Black folks like watermelon," etc.),

At the same time, there is a reason why political correctness has gotten a bad name. Just click on this link for 10 examples of ridiculous applications of political correctness.

"and some use anything they can misinterpret as an offense as a way to tease and/or embarrass the more empowered"

but that is not an excuse the carelessly use offensive language.  When people call me a Nazi because of my name, I take offence and come back with equally offensive wordage, but if people treat me like an equal, I argue of a level ground.

Of course one shouldn't intentionally offend, but perhaps one shouldn't take offense at what was unintentional if the taking of offense is just a pretext to create mischief. Sometimes people do intend offense and of course they should be called on it.

But how do you know if their offence was real or faked?  The only way I can see is to be as careful as possible not to cause offence...be PC (non-perjoritavely)

Yes I have read about this recently from my Ex Muslim forum. Its very stupid and these idiots should be arrested for harassing people. There is a Youtube video however it has been removed.

The people who are being harassed needs to call the Police and report them.

Go to Guantanamo Bay, go directly to Guantanamo Bay do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

To the tune of Maria, the song from West Side Story.

Sharia, I just met a law named Sharia
And suddenly that word
Is so much like a turd
To me.


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