Given that muslim births will outnumber any other faith or non faith by 2035 and given that democracy allows - by the simple mechanism of voting - a population to subject itself to sharia law . . . is it inevitable that western democracies will be run by clerics and possibly in my lifetime?

How do you think these clerics will view non-muslims and specifically non-believers when they have democratic control of your government?

Is it time to panic?

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No. The answer is no. Note that Europe has two muslim majority countries  (Bosnia and Albania). They are highly secular countries and a very low percentage of their population calls for Sharia law.

In Western countries that are not muslim majority...the number of muslims who support sharia law is even less. 

Even if the population becomes muslim majority (which is a highly speculative gmae that wouldnt even happen in your life time) there are mechanisms to avoid fundamentalism and anti-secular politics.

For example, if Denmark became muslim majority and for some bizarre reason they all insisted on Sharia, they would have to change the constitution which is no easy thing to do. They would also be kicked out of the European union and their citizens would fare trade sanctions, need for visa controls etc. I think it more likepy there would be violent conflict in the streets or even horrid laws of deportation and discriminatory laws before Denmark ever became a shsria law country.

Unfortunately this theme of "America will become Sharia" or Muslims are taking over Germany, is borderline Islamophobic and grossly speculative if not irrational.

The ugly ugly ugly face of Sharia and the unsafe horridly poor and nutcase countries that impliment horrid and not something the majority of muslims in western countries aspire to. They may be anti-gay marriage...but not for thought control or public beheadings.

So in most western countries this notion of democratically imposed sharia law is at best a technical possibility at this stage. Although demographic changes to the population may change this.

What then about a country like Indonesia. It has a population of 263 million of which 87% identify as muslim. To get a 50% majority vote you would need 57% of those people who identify as a muslim to vote for sharia. According to the research above 72% of Indonesian muslims favour sharia.

Indonesia has amended it's constitution at least 4 times. It requires a 50% majority of a parliamentary quorum of no less than two thirds. So it is definitely possible to implement sharia.

dhimmi dhimmi dhimmi, it is a muslim's world...dee dee dee...dee dee dee...i work each day to pay my taxes that islam las vegas or monaco where the muezzin calls the faithful and the dhimmi has no place to go...oh it is a muslim's world...dee dee dee....dee dee dee...behind that veil lies a muslim and for its master her cousin...he will beat her with a rod and then defile that hot bod...dee dee dee... 

That is a non sequitur. 


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