It doesn't matter wether you right or wrong ?  just try to sum up your ideas , you can say it in one sentence , but it will be great if you are more generous with words !!

  feel free to share your knowledge , some may find what you say more helpful than academic books !

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"As far as 'the great apes' go, sure, we likely have an ancestor that falls into that group, but I feel that it is important to always point out that we didn't descend from the apes that people know today."


We are currently still in that group.  Homo sapiens is a species in the family Hominidae (the great apes).  It is certainly correct that modern humans didn't descend from modern chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas or orangutans, but we are no less apes (and descended from apes) than they are.


All I'm saying is, I don't think it's an issue that people say we descended from apes (since we are); it's an issue that they aren't defining 'apes' properly.

If you don't believe evolution you are either ignorant or an idiot!

come on  Doug , some respect please !! I am just trying here to educate myself ... I do believe in evolution , it is just I cannot follow all what writers say in their books .... I am looking here for easier explanations... I read some books by Richard Dawkins like the Selfish Gene , but I had to skip about three chapters because '' I was not wearing my mental running shoes'' quoting from Dawking . Everthing I read about evolution is in English , and I am a not a native English speaker .... I cannot find any good resources in Arabic and I don't like reading in French !!!

  you insl made me long for a cigarette    thanks for that   because I like smoking

I don't think Doug was directing his response at you.  I think he was just trying to point out that evolution is beyond debate, in a rather obtuse manner.  I think it will help people to give you more useful responses now that they know English is not your first language and you are just looking for information stated in a way that will be more clear.

Thanks Heather for you I don't know what to call , Consolidation, maybe is a good word !!

 thanks a lot , you are one of my favorite friends on this site

Maybe you are right :!! I checked some of my previous posts and he was realy willing to help ... actually he did help me with some good resources ... I am happy I didn't say anyhing stupid to him ....   it's cool Doug
no offense was intended, it wasn't meant to apply to you.
It's cool Doug , I got it wrong  and I am sorry
No problem.  I understand how difficult it can be to read in another language.  Right now I am learning lots of French from an Iraqi man who also speaks Arabic and Turk - but he doesn't know English so he's learning that from me.
Lol , althoug I can  read and speak French , I still find it hard to use it in my writings ... La conjugaison is the hardest part to learn ... you will have to learn a great part of it by heart ... good luck


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