It doesn't matter wether you right or wrong ?  just try to sum up your ideas , you can say it in one sentence , but it will be great if you are more generous with words !!

  feel free to share your knowledge , some may find what you say more helpful than academic books !

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If you don't believe evolution you are either ignorant or an idiot!

come on  Doug , some respect please !! I am just trying here to educate myself ... I do believe in evolution , it is just I cannot follow all what writers say in their books .... I am looking here for easier explanations... I read some books by Richard Dawkins like the Selfish Gene , but I had to skip about three chapters because '' I was not wearing my mental running shoes'' quoting from Dawking . Everthing I read about evolution is in English , and I am a not a native English speaker .... I cannot find any good resources in Arabic and I don't like reading in French !!!

  you insl made me long for a cigarette    thanks for that   because I like smoking

I don't think Doug was directing his response at you.  I think he was just trying to point out that evolution is beyond debate, in a rather obtuse manner.  I think it will help people to give you more useful responses now that they know English is not your first language and you are just looking for information stated in a way that will be more clear.

Thanks Heather for you I don't know what to call , Consolidation, maybe is a good word !!

 thanks a lot , you are one of my favorite friends on this site

Maybe you are right :!! I checked some of my previous posts and he was realy willing to help ... actually he did help me with some good resources ... I am happy I didn't say anyhing stupid to him ....   it's cool Doug
no offense was intended, it wasn't meant to apply to you.
It's cool Doug , I got it wrong  and I am sorry
No problem.  I understand how difficult it can be to read in another language.  Right now I am learning lots of French from an Iraqi man who also speaks Arabic and Turk - but he doesn't know English so he's learning that from me.
Lol , althoug I can  read and speak French , I still find it hard to use it in my writings ... La conjugaison is the hardest part to learn ... you will have to learn a great part of it by heart ... good luck


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