It doesn't matter wether you right or wrong ?  just try to sum up your ideas , you can say it in one sentence , but it will be great if you are more generous with words !!

  feel free to share your knowledge , some may find what you say more helpful than academic books !

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correct me if I'm wrong,

I feel I can get it through the organic evolution.

Organic evolution,
The organic evolution is a kind of development of living organisms during generation by generation.

using the common ancestors. It is to be distinctive from other feature of nature.

evolution can be applied, on chemical evolution, or the origin of life from nonliving

 and the key is, genetics = the features of the organisms that form any species.

Hi hope , I really wish I can correct you... that's the point behind this discussion... let's both wait for someone with good biology skills to help us ... I hope Donne will show up ..I like his discussions !

I blogged this earlier today.

If I was to say one thing about Evolution it would be that it is a fact. It is 100% true. Anyone who disagrees is either a creationist or someone who does not understand it.


I like the link Reg , thanks
yeah I agree , so how can you sum it up in a few lines Derry , of course if you are interested to share with others who still don't know about it , including me !!
The difference between creationism and evolution is that evolution is real whether you believe it or not!

We agree Richard , come spit that knowledge out !!! give us something to shut those creationist up !!


I don't like the way so many people let improper statements about evolution go by.  I hate the phrase 'descended from monkeys', and even 'descended from apes'.  As far as 'the great apes' go, sure, we likely have an ancestor that falls into that group, but I feel that it is important to always point out that we didn't descend from the apes that people know today.  We aren't descended from the other great apes, we are kin to them, through a common ancestor.  It might be a minor point, but it leads to the 'they think we descended from monkeys' phrase and by not correcting people right away we let their silly concepts of evolution sink into their soft heads.

When they see that the genetic difference between us and monkeys is  about 6 percent , they directly deduce that they are our nearest ancestors !! but on the genetic level 6 per cent is too much  .they are just relatives !!

 and if science proves them to be our direct ancestors , then nobody will have anything to do about is a fact , so let them deal with it !!

 thanx for sharing

Chimpanzees and Bonobos are our nearest relatives - monkeys aren't even from the great apes.  Furthermore, the only living creatures that are our ancestors are human beings.  Even the Chimps have evolved quite a bit since they and we split from a common ancestor so many million years ago.

I don't know what to say , this guy here had just called me stupid ... out of words   


 thanks Heather for sharing

Less than 6 percent, it is in a margin of 2.8-3.4% but of course i may be wrong but this is what i have found from my researches.


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