OK--I'm horrified!  (I searched but couldn't find this posted anywhere else on the site.)  How DARE they use military time/money/personnel to "evangelize" the poor Afghanis?

Has anyone heard about this?

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Look at what Michael Weinstein has been fighting for a long damn time.
This was new to me, Kirk. Thanks....I think. Just what we all need--another reason to despise evangelicals. Michael Weinstein must be a man with more patience than I will ever have. I wish him well!
Any military personnel proselytizing to the local population are in direct violation of standing orders, and should be brought up on charges for it.

Unfortunately, the commanding officers who would be charged with enforcing these orders are often evangelicals themselves, and have been corrupted by the attitude that the law, their orders, their oath to the United States, and the Constitution are all meaningless and can be ignored and/or violated as long as it is 'for Jay-sus'.

Any member of the military who is incapable of following orders and holding to their oath should resign. I have nothing but contempt for members of the military who violate not only their oaths but the constitution that they are sworn to uphold in favor of their personal religious beliefs. And I say this as someone who grew up in the military and who has several family members currently serving.
Dave, like you I "grew up" in the military and am a firm supporter of them. How do they get away with this kind of illegal S#$T?
For one, 8 years of a commander in chief who encouraged this kind of divisive crap. For another, the Religious Right has been working for years to get their people into positions of power, using their influence to gain more power over decisions, and so forth. It's not coincidence that Rick Warren's book Purpose Driven Life is pushed on the troops. One of the goals the dominionists have stated is to have a 'Christian Army' which actively tries to promote Christianity. By force, no doubt.
The focus on placing christian jihadist in the Chaplain Corps is the same tactic used on packing Boards of Education/School Boards and the judiciary. It's a wedge these crazies have been pushing into democratic institutions for too long. Time to vote early and often against this.
"Christ, the royal master, leads against the foe. ONWARD into BATTLE...see his banners flow?"

There MUST be a way to stop this!


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