Is changing ones sex after following the prescribed standards of care wrong? I've discussed this issue with many of my Christian friends and have received a mixed bag of responses but most regard changing ones birth sex as wrong. I'd like to hear some of your feelings on this subject.

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  • Not every trait has a 'purpose' or serves an advantage to the organism that possesses it.
  • The incidence of these conditions would not necessarily be reduced via natural selection. It depends on what causes the respective conditions. They aren't necessarily the direct product of a genetic trait, though that doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't still biologically determined. For instance, if I'm not mistaken, sexual differentiation in the human brain is caused by the presence (or absence) of testosterone during interuterine development some time after the sexual differentiation of the genitals. It could be possible that under certain conditions, sexual differentiation in the brain doesn't align with genotype or genital development. Even if it is solely a matter of genetics, inheritance isn't necessarily so straightforward that a homosexuality or transgender trait would diminish in frequency in a given population.
  • Some hypotheses have been put forward for how traits like homosexuality could be advantageous to certain populations under certain conditions, but I have no idea how credible these hypotheses are.
I guess we are just not sure yet. It is true that homosexuality tends to run in families so there does seem to be a genetic predisposition for some individuals.
I have heard this theory as well but it does seem to be a bit far stretched. How can Darwinism "think" that far in keeping the trait for purposes of caring for unwanted babies and group harmony? IT is interesting but I think there lacks a consensus on this issue. I only brought it up because it has been a strong interest of mine and wanted to get your opinions on it as well! :)
Are you so sure that homosexuality is inherited at all? I realize genes could play a factor, but I think there is a lot more to it.

Well biology doesn't necessarily mean genetic - the same genes can express in different ways depending on a number of factors.  Two children can be born with markers for type 1 diabetes with one losing pancreatic function almost immediately and the other never becoming insulin dependent.  The womb is an environment that is also a biologic factor as the mother's body chemistry can affect the way in which an embryo develops.


If genetics were a very strong factor, one would expect identical twins to have a very strong correlation in sexual orientation - although it seems that if one twin is gay there is only a 70% chance that the other will be as well; remember, however, that they are both products of the same womb.


Honestly, I think there are just too many factors at play for a conclusive determination to ever be made.  I think of this as being akin to the factors that determine who will be artistic, musically inclined, mathematically inclined, etc.  There are so many variations in the human psyche that I feel that that variation itself is the evolutionary advantage that pulled us through.


Evolution isn't just about the individual organism surviving, it's about the species surviving.  Remember Dawkins' selfish gene.



I absolutely am for gender reassignment. I have several trans* friends, and I can't imagine being so hard-hearted as to basically force them to stay trapped living a lie.

I know we're dealing with really important topics here like how to explain the existence of transgendered people from an evolutionary perspective, whether transgendered people should be "allowed" to have surgery, and on and on.


But, maybe we could all take a short break from these lofty discussions to consider another matter?  Namely, what the fuck do YOU intend to do about this: Results of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.  Anything?  No?  Well, that's okay.


I'm sure all the transgendered people in the world will be happy to hear the outcome of this discussion.  Maybe not the ones who are too busy being fired from a job, or brutally beaten, or murdered.  Maybe not the 19% who reported that they have been denied medical care, or the 3% who were physically attacked while they were in a doctor's office or hospital emergency room.  They might be a little preoccupied right now.

What do I intend to do about that? Typically more than angrily post links to web forums. Don't get me wrong, I think that it's a very informative link and makes a salient point, but now that you've scored that point, what did you do and do with it?
It's great to say 'What you do plan to do?', but kind of rings hollow when you've offered no suggestions on what people actually can do.  I don't think you should be surprised that many people don't really know what they can do.  When it comes to LGBT issues, there's a lot of talk about the L and the G, but the BTTQQ2-S groups don't tend to get much air time.  
For instance, the last Bill proposed in Canadian Parliament to deal with gender identity and expression protections made it to senate, but was crushed by the federal election.  In order for Bill C-389 to pass now, it would have to be reintroduced as a new bill (I believe) and face a parliament that is comprised of a Conservative majority.  Unlikely that it would get through.
Now, I do think most Canadians would support such a bill and the Conservatives might actually cave to that pressure, but most of them don't even know it exists.  Most Canadians know very little about transgender issues in this country.  That's probably because they don't know anyone who openly expresses any unconventional sexual identity.  Most Canadians can barely seem to process issues that do directly impact their lives, and the information on issues facing the trans community is typically not in their face.  
There's very little dialogue about these issues.  When there is, everyone is searching so hard for the correct thing to say that they often end up saying nothing.  And saying nothing is probably much worse in this scenario then saying the wrong thing.  When people say nothing, it's hard to segue into any of the trans community events that go on, legislation that is currently circulating, charities that exists or just provide general information and advocacy.  Many people simply lack awareness, but that doesn't mean they have bad intentions.
Uhm, I plan to NOT beat up transgendered people.  Those who are most likely to be mean/violent to transgendered people are typically also homophobes and don't understand the difference.  I challenge homophobes about their views every single time I encounter them - and I've got on jerk in a facebook debate right now over his writing that Christians should "lock & load" because of the NY Gay marriage bill.

It's right for them... So who's to say differently...


I do not believe that it is wrong at all, and I guess my question would be why is it wrong? Unfortunately the Human creature is by no means perfect, and thus so, a lot of issues can happen before and during its lifespan.  Science has proven that the brain can develop one way and the body another.  Knowing this, why is it wrong to want to be happy with yourself and do what you can when science offers a solution, cuz god knows (teehee, sorry) that religion offers no help, aside from keeping it locked away deep in your head.  You are only your sex because you were the fastest swimmer; nothing determined who you were before conception.  Its chance, and it is also one of those things that one has no control over, just like race, country of origin and species.  So if sex is chosen without the consent of the individual, and it ends up being wrong or mixed up, why leave it broken? cuz an ancient archaic text said so?  Not a good reason.



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