So I heard on the radio today that a man is on a 3 million dollar bail because he had sex with 2 of his students, aged 15 and 16 if I remember correctly.  He was a high school teacher.  

So I've always felt that the punishment for having sex with 'minors' was quite severe.  Shouldn't it completely depend on the circumstances?  What if the young lady testified that she in fact was the one who made the advances and wanted nothing more than to hook up with her dreamy teacher?  

What if you are 30 years old and met someone that you found deeply interesting and intensely attractive and found out she was 17?  Should your attraction for her end immediately simply because you found out her age?  

What if you found out she was 16?  

Is it just as bad for a 20 year old to have sex with a 15 year old?  A 14 year old?  

It seems to me, some of this is quite arbitrary.  I teach piano and I have 2 young female students, aged 14 and 15 who are quite attractive for their age.  They are fun to work with.  The type of girls I know I would show interest in if they were closer to my age.  The 14 year old is an atheist and acts very mature for her age and is deeply interested in more mature piano pieces.  The 15 year old is almost 16 and just overall a total sweetheart.  

I understand that many people say that young girls can still be physically attractive, but their maturity levels are not at the same level as their looks usually are, therefore, starting a relationship with a young girl can be very detrimental to her.  But what if she was in love with the older guy and he treated her as perfectly as any guy could treat someone?  

Then you ask yourself the question...what about 11?  12?  Even I, who doesn't get squeamish easily come to a point when I would simply say 'Oh my god, no, that's way too young to even play devils advocate'.  

But I also can't quite pinpoint a reason 'why' I get to that point and immediately declare it's just kind of icky and gross.  

Opinions?  How young is too young?  At what age do you think one should have the right to consensual sex with someone even a few years, if not many years, older than they are?  

In other words, was Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus any less a cutie when she was 15 / 16 / 17 - Or did she immediately become 'cute' or 'hot' the precise moment she turned 18?  

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I gotta be honest, your plan sounds EXACTLY like the vast majority of age of consent laws, except in your scenario, the "age of consent" is 12 instead of 16, the "age of majority" is 21 instead of 18, and the court system would be incredibly overburdened with college kids obtaining a new license to fuck every friday.

Here is a response from a friend of mine that is a third year law student: "So this is the problem with your proposal in regards to written law. Written law stands to outline rights and restrictions to the citizens governed by them. Your proposal stands that the law shall conclude that it is a violation for a minor to consent to an adult. However this law is subject to change if the minor requests an individual exclusion from this standing law. It doesn't matter if three four or five court approved gaurdians approve the minors exclusion because it is unethical. In order for a law to remain a law it must apply to all citizens it governs and cannot be made to exclude certain individuals."

I was under the care of a gaurdian ad litem all the way till I was 18. The gaurdians job was to ensure that I was properly cared for as a minor and that I was properly represented to the fullest EXTENT OF THE LAW. A gaurdian or group of gaurdians can not exclude an individual from a law because written law cant allow individual exclusions. In your case the exclusion of approved minors to be excluded from the right to consent law.

I am not a law graduate so I will not even attempt to create or even provide a scheme to a law. I know some basic definitions of law and know why a few things wont work. I will leave the law making to those that have a specialized profession in that field of work. Even though I dont agree with all laws I am humble in my opinion because I am sure there are so many more factors regarding the ethics of law that neither you or myself have considered. If you need help creating computer systems or programs then I would be at your service :)

I guess it just sucks living under a democracy. Our country hit the 300,000,000 population mark in 2007 and the chances of legislature approving a law that all of us will agree on is highly improbable. The fact is we cant take the human element out of a government that is run by humans. Humans express emotions, opinions, facts and needs. I respect the fact that we are all individuals and really enjoyed going over this forum. Thank you for your time and Kir I have a feeling we will discuss more topics in the near future. Who knows we might actually agree on something ;)


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