So I heard on the radio today that a man is on a 3 million dollar bail because he had sex with 2 of his students, aged 15 and 16 if I remember correctly.  He was a high school teacher.  

So I've always felt that the punishment for having sex with 'minors' was quite severe.  Shouldn't it completely depend on the circumstances?  What if the young lady testified that she in fact was the one who made the advances and wanted nothing more than to hook up with her dreamy teacher?  

What if you are 30 years old and met someone that you found deeply interesting and intensely attractive and found out she was 17?  Should your attraction for her end immediately simply because you found out her age?  

What if you found out she was 16?  

Is it just as bad for a 20 year old to have sex with a 15 year old?  A 14 year old?  

It seems to me, some of this is quite arbitrary.  I teach piano and I have 2 young female students, aged 14 and 15 who are quite attractive for their age.  They are fun to work with.  The type of girls I know I would show interest in if they were closer to my age.  The 14 year old is an atheist and acts very mature for her age and is deeply interested in more mature piano pieces.  The 15 year old is almost 16 and just overall a total sweetheart.  

I understand that many people say that young girls can still be physically attractive, but their maturity levels are not at the same level as their looks usually are, therefore, starting a relationship with a young girl can be very detrimental to her.  But what if she was in love with the older guy and he treated her as perfectly as any guy could treat someone?  

Then you ask yourself the question...what about 11?  12?  Even I, who doesn't get squeamish easily come to a point when I would simply say 'Oh my god, no, that's way too young to even play devils advocate'.  

But I also can't quite pinpoint a reason 'why' I get to that point and immediately declare it's just kind of icky and gross.  

Opinions?  How young is too young?  At what age do you think one should have the right to consensual sex with someone even a few years, if not many years, older than they are?  

In other words, was Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus any less a cutie when she was 15 / 16 / 17 - Or did she immediately become 'cute' or 'hot' the precise moment she turned 18?  

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It protected me in the sense that I know some sex crazed 30 year old would be able to have the ability to even try to weasle his or her way out of a sex crime by looking for a minor to say yes lets have sex.  I do appologize but I do not recal the specific questions asked about four years ago. I could call a few people and get that for you but it may take some time. Just so that you know current claims of sex with a minor are 12 of every 100 children (12%) as reported by U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources. Wouldnt it be nice if we went back down to 9%. Neglect overall of children and minors is at 61%.

It is not illegal for an adult to consent sexually to a minor. It is illegal for a minor to consent sexually to an adult. I am grateful that the law provided a structured environment for me to grow in. I just dont get why it is so hard for people to wait untill they are 18 to go around having sex with adults. The law didnt say I couldnt have sex I used to be quiet a player to be honest and had no problem finding peers to engage with. My state has flexible yet specific laws regarding sex and minors. I minor in my state is up untill the age of 18. Utah law states that a 17 year old may consent to an 18 year old but not a 19 year. So research your states law because in my state if you are a minor 17 years of age you can still consent to an adult of 18 years old. When I was 14 I was totally ok with waiting 4 years to be an adult. Now I have the next 70 years or so to have sex with all the adults I want. Isnt that what we are fighting for here is the ability to consent to adults???

The minor in the US has no consent status at all, to give or to receive sexual contact. That means, if a minor gives consent, it's totally meaningless legally. Adults are presumed to be in control of such situations and are the only one who bears any responsibility. The only exception might be an adult of diminished mental capacity. If his mental age is under 18, a prosecutor might take that into account, but practically I think it would have to be so low that the adult requires a legal guardian. That is how highly charged these things are when it comes to the underaged and sex.

So, a 20 year old with a mental age of 16 might be tried and convicted as a sex offender, even if the sex was with a 16 year old with a mental age of 20.

I see. For those who are hurt by our countries laws I can see two main options. Go to a school of law and learn all the ethics and conducts of law. Once you have done this you can then try to enter a position that grants the power for you to add, modify, or change governing laws. However this country is governed by democracy meaning you alone cannot change laws that effects over 300,000,000 citizens. Representatives must come to an agreement with your proposed changes before it is even brought to a bill. Then the entire process for a bill to become a law. If your bill does become law the chances that all 300,000,000 citizens will approve of that law is highly unlikely. What will you do for that portion of people that does not agree with your new law. It is nearly impossible to satisfy everyone even though you think your changes are for the greater good. The second option, leave our country and find a place that is not ruled under democracy.

lol @ "11 year old sex offender"

We were discussing consensual child-adult sex, hence my lol. Changing age of consent laws would not affect cases involving forced sex. That link make no reference to the details of that case, or whether force was used.

So you're saying they deserved what they got...

I said no such thing. Once again, we were discussing consensual child-adult sex which has absolutely no relevance to cases involving a minor as the perpetrator of a crime such as rape. Perhaps if I knew the details of a particular case and the outcome, I'd have an opinion on whether or not an individual "deserved" what he/she got.

The truth is that force is irrelevant... It's more a matter of who was the instigator or who was older that determines which one is the "victim..." These children could have tortured real victims in a non-sexual manner and continued on to live a normal life.

That is completely false. If a 15 year old boy rapes a 19 year old girl, or "tortures her in a non-sexual manner", the younger party is not the victim, and these cases are not what we are discussing.

How many fallowers do you have. One million 10 million or even 50 million. It is true that democracy also considers power to the people but even if 50 million people fallow you the remaining 250 million might hold a bigger say. Also the arguments that court representatives might be more convincing. You and I don't know enough about law to come up with a rational decision. I would consider your opinion more if you had taken advance courses in child psychology and advance courses in law. My opinion is if you don't specialize in something suggest such dramatic changes in it. There is probably aspects behind these laws we haven't even considered.

What we were discussing was "those who are hurt by our countries [sic] laws."

What I was discussing was age of consent which would only affect sex between adults and minors.

Situations involving a possible sexual assault victim would still be taken on a case by case basis (just as they are now) even if we were to do away with an "age of consent" all together. This wouldn't affect the "age of majority" laws and since those under 18 can still commit crimes, it wouldn't protect minors from being labeled as sex offenders.

I don't see perpetrators of sexual crimes as victims if it can be shown they knew exactly what they were doing and that it was wrong, and I have no issue with minors being charged as adults in some cases. There will certainly always be false accusations and bizarre cases involving, for example, a 5 and 6 year old playing "doctor" but once again, the age of consent laws do not affect these cases.

But you've already made it clear that you see no harm in consensual sex between an adult and an 8 year old, so I don't expect us to end up on the same page any time soon.

Lets do this one step at a time. If the minor does not file to have these three "gaurdians " would it still be legal for the minor to have sex with the adult?

I am going off the legal age in my state 18. Ty for your answer so as it stands in your proposal it is illegal for a minor to consent without these three court appointed guardians. Am I right?

According to this law, 18 year olds would not be allowed to have a relationship with people in their early 20's, without permission from 3 friends/family members, correct? What about dating multiple people at once? How about one night stands?

You think your idea gives young people more sexual freedom?


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