Is there no stopping this person?  How many times in one week do we get to see the same nonsense canned response from the same troll?

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Mario, I feel exactly the same way. I'm taking the positive angle, though, and having some fun with it. I take it you're talking about the 'What is the Meaning of Life to an Atheist?' thread...
No. I'm talking about the guy who keeps coming here with a different disguise every time to post his "Pull the plug on atheism/Lamb power" diatribe. Sheesh I don't even remember where the whole thing came from, but I know it's a copied response.
Ahhhh, ok. I thought you were talking about something else...
I'm talking about the guy who keeps coming here with a different disguise every time to post his "Pull the plug on atheism/Lamb power" diatribe.

mmmmm... lamb.... had lamb masala for lunch at work earlier, very, very tasty. :P
Perhaps we can make this person an atheist although it seems he just escaped from a mental hospital. I havent seen this post. Has he nothing better to do, perhaps help the poor children being abused by priests.
Uh, maybe if they'd stop deleting it, he wouldn't feel the need to keep putting it back up. I've seen several anti-atheism posts get tweeted automatically and then I follow the link here and it's been deleted. If I were trying to spread a message and people kept deleting my message, it would only piss me off and make me try harder.

Besides which, WE shouldn't be in the practice of censoring people.
Actually, I just happened to see the thread for the first time. I would like to retract my previous statement. It was completely nonsensical. I couldn't decipher any hostility (or anything else) from it, because it simply made no sense at all. Might as well have been posted by a spambot.
The threats and hostility were delivered via private message to admin.

Here is an example of what he sent to PZ Myers.

God told me to MURDER you... pz and his entire family will burn in HELL...
police won't save that fucker from me...

you will be executed without mercy...

you have forfeit your lives...
and the police wont save you...

see, the entire university is going to be destroyed because of blaspheming PZ...
this will be sent to every member of the University...

police won't save that fucker from me...

did you know that blasphemy is punishable by DEATH and I am here to execute all of you?

Also, to point out the sheer volume of stupid, PZ said that he "gathered together all of the crazy posts he made over the course of one evening, and printed them out in very small print — it made for a small 61 page book, which would be impressive if it weren't so repetitive and vapid".

That is a lot of crap that I prefer not to have cluttering up T|A with.
David Mabus = 30,400 hits in Google. Dennis Markuze = 587,000 hits in Google. Considering the other names, how many times has this guy hit sites? It's all this guy does. I'm guessing he's mentally disturbed and on gov. assistance because who else would waste a life doing this? He's a "good Christian" spreading the word.
I don't know how Ning works backstage, but is there no IP ban function?

Re: Censorship, this guy isn't in it for any kind of debate or reasoned argument. By removing his threads we're not intending to censor any debate about religion - we are removing a forum member who is abusive and who spams.

As a side note, I do enjoy the chance to entertain a reasonable debate with religious believers as I find the whole subject of religious belief and practice fascinating. Unfortunately, the ones who make the effort to seek out an atheist forum are more often than not the equivalent of the atheist who seeks out a Christian forum in order to troll it, and that doesn't do anyone any good.
Agreed about the IP banning, but it's not quite as dangerous as they make out. There is the risk that banning a single IP address may affect a couple of other users, which is why it should be avoided, but in some cases it may be the best option.

That's a decision for the admins and moderators, though, and not for me, so I'll leave you to it now :)


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