I was in Sunday school at my home church this Sunday. We were discussing faith, and there was a question of what you would say to a skeptic or someone who didn’t understand faith in God. One woman answered; I’ll call her “Janet.” She and her husband are probably the most dogmatic and fundamentalist people in our church.

Her story was that she’d always had seizures ever since she was a kid. She ran into a new Christian friend once at McDonalds. This friend is just full of the spirit, Janet said. Janet said how she can’t drive because of the seizures, and the woman asked if she wanted to be healed.

Janet said she was filled with all kinds of emotions then. She told her friend that she’d been prayed for before, and she really didn’t think anything would happen. But the friend insisted that God could do all things.

So they sat down and prayed right there in McDonalds, and the friend laid hands on Janet. When they were done, the friend said she knew Janet would be healed. She didn’t think it would happen right away, but she knew God would heal her in His time.

 I never would have thought it was possible, Janet said, but now look at me. It’s been close to a hundred days since I’ve had any seizures. Ever since my operation, I’ve been cured.

Yes, you heard that right. This woman recently was in the hospital for some MAJOR brain surgery to treat her seizures. They cut her head open and everything. And so far the surgery’s been successful.

This to her is a miraculous answer to prayer.

And she didn’t try to downplay the surgery, or act like she’d “really” been healed before it. She knew she’d had surgery, and that was when the seizures stopped, but she still called it a miracle.

Everything just fell into place for the surgery to happen, she said; I didn’t even ask for it, my doctor just knew that I needed it. Yes of course, because a trained medical professional who is being paid to take care of your health wouldn’t possibly figure out that you might need surgery unless God whispered it in his ear.

She was just blown away that, all it took was prayer and faith by this righteous woman in McDonalds, and hey presto, she gets healed. She seems to think she got surgery and the surgery worked entirely because this woman prayed.

Where would I be, she said, if I hadn’t believed that day?

And remember, this was the part where they were supposed to say what acts of faith they had seen which they could share with a skeptic.


Then Janet’s husband speaks up. He says, as accurately as I can remember, “I don’t see how these atheists can deny God. When you look at history, all these seemingly unconnected events – you see God in history. God is the author of history. When they deny God, they’re denying history.”

I don’t even understand what he means by that.


I am not completely atheist yet. Sometimes I still think Jesus is out there, and I’m just not seeing him. Sometimes when I read apologetics or Christian experiences, I start to think I might be on the wrong path and I’ll have to repent. But whenever I go to Sunday School at my home church, I come out thinking more than ever before that there is no god out there.

I only wish I had the courage to say something to some of these people. I will someday.  

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too funny Nina...koo-koo for coco puffs cops...


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