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SE Cupp (American Republican b.1979) is an author, frequent Fox News guest, cute brunette chick and an very public atheist. S E Cupp is also all hot for the Jesus. She just got a Masters Degree in Religious
Studies at NYU, just like countless atheists before her. This seems like a
curious fixation for an atheist until you realize, like I have, that S E
Cupp is actually a unicorn who lives in a magic garden.

Wait a darn minute, I can hear you say, WTFOMGBBQ!!! I have seen S E Cupp on the TV and the internets. I agree that this previously obscure aspect
of S E Cupp's life tends to astound. To the uninformed, S E Cupp looks
like a cross between Sailor Moon and Athiest Barbie.  But here is the
honest truth. Things are not as they seem - indulge me in this skeptical

This is what S E Cupp looks like when she is not in her magic garden.

It is common knowledge that unicorns, like mermaids, can shape shift for brief periods of time when they briefly leave their magic gardens. While in their magic gardens, unicorns graze on cotton candy and dental
floss (minty and waxed) to build up the strength for their magic shape
shifting episodes while performing public spectacles like book signings and
appearances on The O'Reilly Factor. In her magic garden this is what S E
Cupp looks like.

That's Tucker Carlson visiting S E Cupp in her magic garden. Many smart, attractive and popular conservative-bloggers, members of the paleo-theocratic infotainment industry and socially moderate (i.e. non-pothead) libertarians visit S E Cupp in her magic garden and ride on her downy
white back while they discuss the appalling treatment of Christians in
the diseased culture of the liberal, progressive, secular humanist,
bling-bling, thug-life west. From this we must be alarmed and frighted
for the future of the US of A, shining city on teh hill, land of the
free and home of the exceptional.

This is all spelled out in S E Cupp's runaway best seller Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity. If you have a couch with a broken leg or a table
that wobbles order your copy today. If you feel like reading it before
you shore up your furniture I would suggest instead that you will have more fun
shooting rats down at the dump while high on crank and huffing spray

The strangest aspect of this curious affair is that S E Cupp used her magic powers to create this delusion only last Thursday. From her magic garden, while in unicorn mode, S E Cupp created
in the minds of America false memories of a virtual life of a 31 year
old atheist that appeared frequently on TV to profess a crush on the
Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, lord of all. She modeled her avatar on
this picture of Atheist Barbie. This is what mean, mad atheists that HATE Yahweh look like when they are headed to a swinger's orgy or to a voting booth to vote for welfare for deadbeats.

Before I realized this supernatural truth I was a very confused atheist much like Bill Maher who snorted "You are not an athiest!" after S E Cupp blurted some nonsensical "atheist" defense of a Christianist
Republican talking point on "Real Time"


What are the implications of this amazing investigation? - stayed tuned.

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I lol'd at atheist Barbie's "lunch" LOL!
The other other white meat.
personally I don't find S E all that cute... but Atheist Barbie's lunch IS making me hungry.
You have not ridden on her around the magic garden...


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