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There has been a lot of great advice given regarding what to do on Easter Day when spending it with Christians (thanks for that). This is a holiday (which is great) which in Christian terms is irrelevant to us.

So what do we do?

Do we do anything?

I notice that Google got into trouble for celebrating Earth Day and not Good Friday.

How do you celebrate Earth Day?Is this to do with spring and bunnies and stuff?

Did any of you?

Do you celebrate Good Friday? How? By being irreverent? By watching "Passion of the Christ" and double billing it with something similar like "Hostel"?

Do you watch "The Last Temptation of Christ", "Life of Brian" or the equally excellent "Jesus of Montreal"?

What about Easter? A wag has suggested that it should be "International Day of The Zombie" or "Zombie Jesus Day" (see link) - for is it not the day that Christ returned from the grave to chow down on our brains?

Being an avid horror fan this ticks my boxes, I'd happily watch Night of the Living Dead in praise of the great Romero.

What do you think? What would you do? What would Zombie Jesus do?

What about Christmas?

Ash Wednesday?


Shrove Tuesday?

Maundy Thursday?


Mothering Sunday?

All Saints Day?

All Hallows Eve?

Epiphany? (celebrating your epiphany?)

Palm Sunday? (onanism? a day of self abuse? Check out "Jellyfish - Spilt Milk" and their song "He's my best friend" for a saucy Palm Sunday reference)

What do you think, this should run and run...

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I'm not big on renaming things. I like the way some holidays are celebrated & would like to have something similar in an ideal atheist world. But I think renaming would be akin to rewriting or hiding the past. Every thing has its own history, a story behind it & I think the world would be a poorer place if that story was hidden from future generations.
Keep the name, change the ideals.
I agree, sort of, although there is a precedent for this, Saturnalia (Roman) and Yuletide (Pagan) were absorbed by the Christians and became Christmas. The Spring Solstice (Pagan) Easter and so on... I agree that we should not deny our heritage or past but celebrate it? Celebrate something that has atrophied society and civilisation? That has held us back morally and technologically? I am uncomfortable with that.
Not celebrate it, but accept it as our past, take whatever positives(if any) out of it and move on.
Gotcha, "keep the name change the ideals" is a good idea and there are many things positive and negative we can learn from these days.

Could not agree more. I don't care if the time I spend with my family carries religious names and undertones, I know what I'm celebrating, and I like my right to celebrate what I want.

Incidentally, I also occationally celebrate the benefits of marihuana and the beginning of my life through the expulsion from the uterus. Just because I dub it 420 and birthday does not change what I am celebrating; drug assisted freedom of my mind and my life.





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