SECULAR Do-Good Organizations for World, National, Regional Disaster Relief

When drama strikes, what Secular organizations are out there for atheists and skeptics to send donations to or volunteer their time?   Feel free to include programs that are ongoing - not just there prime-time drama.  Please list any that you know of or recommend, links, and if you know anything about their mission statements or origins.  Thanks!

Doctors Without Borders
is one that comes to mind for starters.

How about Foundation Beyond Belief?  Thoughts on the group?  Are you a member?

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Yes, No, Maybe?
I did join the Foundation Beyond Belief as a donor. I think its a great way to know that my contributions go to causes that are in line with my outlook and they research the charity navigator rating and all that for you. Members can be very specific with where they want their contributions to go and also vote and discuss which charities the foundation will support in the future. I like having that level of input and feedback. I think it was founded by Dale McGowan who has also written an excellent book on secular parenting issues.

Foundation Beyond Belief Mission statement:
Our Mission
To demonstrate humanism at its best by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life, and to challenge humanists to embody the highest principles of humanism, including mutual care and responsibility.

I also have given to the Humanist Relief fund for the Haitian earthquake relief efforts. I really enjoyed the updates they put out from Sebastian Velez who was in Haiti coordinating everything and was great about communicating everything they were doing back to those who donated to the fund. It made me feel more connected to how my donation was being used and that I was really part of helping. It was nice to know as well that it was done by an organization that was specifically known as nonreligious in that people see us atheists/agnostics/Humanists/nontheists/etc.. out there doing our part to address world problems and suffering. I would recommend both.

i know about Givewell - these guys and they're great at unbiased analysis of where to give:


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