Thu, 2 Feb 2017 21:52:07 EST
Julie Peters, the owner and director of Ocean and Crow Yoga, said she put up the sign outlining its position on Tuesday.

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I'm not that young.

So I bet you must, by now, know all of the email addresses, phone numbers, shoe sizes, preferred ice cream flavours, deepesst darkest freakiest fantasies involving food and hamsters, and net income of all thinkatheist users

What are the odds on this bet of yours?

I'll bet you a dozen stingray snooping devices, two tubs of Haagendazs "rocky road", an extra extra extra large pair of Levis and three hamsters.

I'm a 32", so those would be way to large for me. Also, I don't wear jeans - I'm European. 

Also, I don't wear jeans - I'm European. 

Ummm...I can't tell if that is a joke.

I think that's awesome! I need a Chump Free zone myself. The mother fucker has been causing me so much stress. I am SERIOUSLY stressed out about everything going on, especially what's happening between the US and Mexico. Even my LEGAL ex-husband's status - who knows. It could be taken away the way they are talking.

Trump is my President and will be for the next four years unless impeached or dies in office (I voted for Gary).  This country has survived all the past Presidents and will survived this one.

Julie Peters can twist herself into knots for all I care.


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